How to make vegan Broccoli & Cheese Sauce! Stump Kitchen 21

Is this loud enough? [laughing off-camera] Okay, Ralph, you can’t laugh in the background! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Hello little trees. Welcome to Stump Kitchen — whoops! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! We’re gonna make broccoli and cheese sauce
today. A perfect midnight snack. The side dish of delights. The stuff of legends. Children’s nightmares in fact! There are so many great ways to make it vegan
and it’s not just for broccoli! You can put cheese sauce on anything! Potatoes! Mac and cheese! Asparagus and cheese sauce! Grilled cheese – mmm… You can put it on anything. Wash your limbs! Clean as a whistle. We’re gonna steam our broccoli up first and
then we’re gonna make the sauce. Cut the tree trunk off. Just hold it down with your stump and rip
the trees off. Break them into mini trees. Get a double boiler thing. So you fill up the bottom pot with about two
inches – three inches of water. Stick your broccoli in here – oh I dropped
one. Wouldn’t be Stump Kitchen if I didn’t drop
something. Stick this lid on, and you just let the water
boil and it’ll just steam these magic trees — is this the right one? Now it’s the fun part where we get to get
saucy. We need vegan butter, gluten-free flour, vegan
milk, nutritional yeast. [Cat meow off-camera]
Molly! There’s a cat in the background. Do you want some cheese sauce? Some dijon mustard, cayenne pepper and some
garlic powder. Is that it? Oh! Some onion powder and salt and pepper. So there’s more steps to this than I thought
so I need to get a bowl. This looks good. Okay so step one is we put some butter on
here. It’s a tablespoon of butter. So just get it out with your stump. And then we whisk together flour and milk
until all the clumps are gone. How much milk? What?! One and a half cups! Oh s#%t! Okay there’s milk on the floor here! Ok things are starting to happen in tree land
over here, see this steam? It’s workin’! Don’t get hair in your butter! Two tablespoons of all-purpose gluten-free
flour! Just hold it in your stump crook — oops! Get real messy. Do your- oops! F#%k. Whisk it together. I’m gonna invest in a whisk! This is awesome! Lots of sounds – there’s a lot happening here. Ooh that’s sizzling big time, let’s turn the
heat down a bit. You need to kind of be a multi-tasker when
you cook. S#%t! I didn’t read the recipe correctly. Here’s another pro-tip: read the whole thing
before you start. Hmm. Oh cool. What? I was only supposed to put a tiny bit of milk
in here not all of it. So put this in the pot. So. Um. Multitasking! Just to see how we can salvage this. We’re just doing this freestyle now! I think what we do is this. I’m not really sure. Just get that out. Whisk it, right? Yeah you just whisk it. I’m not sure when this all comes into play. Um. We do three quarter cups of nutritional yeast. Three quarters of a cup. This feels like way more than – oh s#%t! What the f#%k? There’s more than that. Put this back. Ok now that’s three quarters of a cup. Whisk it in! Whoo! Now add the dijon, garlic powder, onion powder,
and salt and pepper and whisk frequently over low heat until it thickens. No problem! Alright. This doesn’t fit in there. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Like this. Yeah! And maybe a little extra just to be sure it’s
super mustardy. Mmmm it’s already thickening! Half a teaspoon of salt! Found the salt. Don’t be afraid to just like guesstimate. Look at this pepper grinder with a little
handle on it! This was made for stumps! This is f#%kin’ awesome! Yeahhh. I kind of forgot and neglected our broccoli
so let’s take a test. Stick a fork in — oh yeah! Like look how bright green they are. Okay let’s dish it up! We’re done! [sing-song] Mmmm! Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Oh my god. This cheese sauce will get broccoli in f#%kin’
anybody. Let’s try that one more time. Mmm! Oh f#%k yeah! So thanks for being here on Stump Kitchen! Please try this and try all the things I make,
they’re f#%kin’ awesome — [laughs] Didn’t want to waste that. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [gasps] That was really hot! That was kind of gross.

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  1. awwww, peter, they're cute…and she promised to tell us all if she's ever come close to doing with her own knife….

  2. I can really identify with the way you drop shit all over the floor. Did you know when Christopher first moved to Edmonton he didn't buy a mop until we started dating and I started cooking at his house? True story.

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