How to make vegan Campfire French Toast! Stump Kitchen 17

Hey! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [fire crackling] You know French toast for dinner when you’re
camping is just the f#%king best. I’ll take any excuse to cook on a fire cause
it’s pretty much my favourite thing to do in the whole f#%king world. So all you need for French toast is some awesome
gluten-free, vegan bread, some ground flax, some cinnamon, a little bit of salt, some
coconut milk, and some f#%kin’ vegan butter. You’re really loud aren’t you? You take your milk. I transported it in a Perrier bottle. I don’t know if that’s good to do. Put about like a cup maybe? Remember to clean up after yourself when you
go camping in the bush. Plus there’s f#%kin’ bears. And then you take your ground flax, probably
like a quarter of a cup, stick it in the milk. Mix it up. Oh! I just dropped the spoon in it. [singing] Whisk it up, whisk it up! Oops! I’m getting milk everywhere. And you do that first because you let this
sit for awhile and it kind of congeals a bit because that’s what flax does, it’s a
natural egg replacer, so that’s why we use it in French toast for vegans! F#%k I just figured that out now. That’s why you do it! That’s so great! You also want to put in there a s#%t ton of
cinnamon. So much. It’s gonna be so good. Mix that in there. I’m gonna put a little bit more in. The last thing you need for your coating stuff
is a little bit of salt. Just use your stump, smack your salt, get
a nice little sparkle in. That’s probably enough! Check out this bathing suit! Yeah! Oh! Okay! Now you want to heat up your pan. Get a nice glob of your vegan butter on the
pan. So we’ll let that heat up a bit. [pan sizzling] Okay grab your bread! [singing] Boo-boo-doop-be-doop-de-doo. Just coat it in this stuff. Just give it a
good swim. And sizzle it up!
[pan sizzling] Oh yeah! Yeah get nice and crispy in there! Let’s have you for dinner. Okay! [singing] Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum. Put a little bit of syrup on there. Mmm. Oh yeah. Mmm! [eating sounds] So f#%kin’ good. [laughing] Ah! There’s a bee! Oh! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Look how pretty it is here! F#%kin’ camping in style, yo!

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