How to make Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Floats! Stump Kitchen 48

[Ethan screams]
[Callie laughs] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Callie] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] We all shrunk! We’re all babies today! [Callie] Hey I’m nine years old again! [Alexis] I’m older than that. I’m so excited to have Ethan and Callie back! So we’re all wearing onesies today because
why not. I’m a tiger. [Ethan] I’m a reindeer! [Callie] I’m a duck! [Alexis] Who knows what we’re making today? [Ethan and Callie] Ice cream!! [Alexis] Yes we are making coconut vanilla
ice cream. We don’t have an ice cream maker, we’re just
gonna make it all by hand -ba dum tsss- or by stump! [laughs] Ready? Boom. Ready to make ice cream. My poor neighbours! [All laugh] [Callie] Sugar! [Ethan] I caught it upside down! [Ethan yells] Salt! [Alexis] Vanilla extract.
[Callie] Vanilla extract. [Alexis] Milk!
[Callie] Milk! [Ethan] Whee! Coconut milk! [Alexis] So this is all you need for ice cream! [Ethan] Wow! [Callie] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. [Alexis] Five things! [Callie] Five!! A whole hand! Hello, I can eat my hand! [Alexis and Callie] I can eat my hand! [Alexis] A cup of milk in here. [Callie] Here’s a cup, I’ve got a cup. Shake-a-shake-a-shake-shake. [Alexis] We’re using almond milk, but you
can use any kind of vegan milk. One quarter cup of sugar. [Callie] Sugar!! Is that it? [Alexis] You got it. [Ethan] Maybe we should shake it? [Callie] Shake-a-shake-a-shake-shake! [Alexis] It’s good to shake your sugar. Why? I don’t know! Oh nice levelling technique! Yeah! A sprinkle of salt. [All] Shake-shake-shake! [Alexis] Just a sprinkle. [Ethan] Or maybe not! [Callie] No no! [All laugh]
[Callie] No no! [Alexis] Let’s just scoop that back in the
bowl. When in doubt just use your little arm or
your stump to scoop it back into the bowl. Two tablespoons of vanilla extract. [Callie screams]
[Ethan] Slow but steady wins the race. Just look at it, it’s a mess! [Alexis] I know, we’ve done it! [Callie] That’s what we do on Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] We make a mess! Okay the next thing we need to do is somehow
get into this with a can opener. Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it yeah! [Ethan] I’ll hold this. You turn. [Callie straining]
[Alexis] I squeeze it down and then I hold it in my elbow like this, and then I do that. [Callie] Oh! [Alexis] Oh my gosh! Okay Ethan you give it a try! Good job way to go Ethan! It’s happening! Oh yeah. You put your coconut milk in the fridge for
about 12 hours and the top of it gets nice and hard. That’s the part that we’re gonna use for the
ice cream. [Ethan] Stabby stabby stab. [Alexis] Nice, now take it out. Now we can pour out the extra water that we
don’t need. [Callie laughs]
There’s no water at all! Wow this is all cream! Cool! Okay. Oh! [Callie squeals]
Listen to the sound. [squishes]
It sounds so gross! I love how they’re so scared of coconut cream. [Ethan and Callie scream]
Now it’s not scary kids, don’t worry. Usually you get brands that are really, really
hard and you have to like break them down with your limbs, but this is beautifully squishy! I got this, this is what I’m here for. Like look how gorgeous it is! [Callie] Run away!! [Alexis] And then she lost her co-hosts. [sings] “All by myself, don’t wanna be…” I could put it on your faces. [Ethan and Callie] No!! [Alexis] Who likes to whisk? [Ethan and Callie] Me!!! [Alexis] Whisk it up, whisk it up! Once it’s all whisked in and really creamy
like this, then you put it in the freezer. [clock ticks] [Alexis] Because we’re on a cooking show,
there’s a magic thing of ice cream already ready for us. [Callie gasps]
[Alexis sings a ditty] [Alexis] You want to give that an open? Nice! Grab the straws. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah that’s good news! [All blowing bubbles] [Ethan] I got some on my face. [Alexis] I’m gonna try the actual ice cream. Mmm yum!
[belches] [laughs] [Ethan] This is the best ice cream I’ve tasted. [Alexis] Oh Ethan you are an angel! You can like make it in the morning and have
it ready for like movie night, you know? [Ethan] Yup. [Alexis] Ethan and Callie, thank you so much
for being on the show again. [Ethan and Callie] Make sure to subscribe
to the channel! [Alexis] Yeah subscribe for sure. [Callie] Give it a thumbs up! [Alexis] Also it would be awesome if you supported
Stump Kitchen on Patreon, I’d love to see you there. High five! [Callie giggles]
[Alexis] Are you part billy goat now? See you next time on Stump Kitchen! [Callie] Bye! [Alexis] Bye! [Ethan] B-bye! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Callie] Shout out to EPK. [Alexis] EPK! [Callie] And Madame Gravelle
[Alexis] Hey principal, you do good work, keep it up! [Callie] And Zara! [Alexis] Cool! Hey Zara! Shoutout to you! And I’m gonna give a shoutout to all of my
awesome fans and all of my awesome patrons. You rock my world!

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