How to make vegan gluten free Chicken Wings! Stump Kitchen 2

Well, now that my stump’s warmed up! Let’s
get cooking! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Today on Stump Kitchen we’re gonna make chicken
wings. This recipe for chicken wings is vegan and gluten free. Step one: Get a good knife. But not too good, you don’t
want to cut off a limb! Whoa! Rip it out! This looks unsafe but I’m taking lots of precautions. Cutting boards can be your worst enemy if
you’re cooking with one hand, but I like to befriend them. Stump Kitchen Knife Skills Trick: You put
your shit down onto the cutting board and you take your stump and you just give it a
good extra push down into the cutting board so it doesn’t slip away. Push. Slice. [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Shit’s bound to just go everywhere when you’re
cooking, and that’s okay! Now it’s time for the saucy sauce sauce! Half a cup of flour blend. Boom. Half a cup of water. Whoa… I should have brought the bowl over
here! YEAH! Next! Half a cup of Frank’s Red Hot. Ten points if you can name this technique. Half a teaspoon of garlic powder. That’s a
quarter teaspoon, I want half a teaspoon. Yep! Holy shit! Oh my god. Oh! Oh my! You cannot
make that shit up! Chicken wing technique again. Just nestle
it in and give it a shake with your stump. I really like garlic powder so I put in a
little extra. And then two tablespoons of melted coconut
oil. Here’s a tablespoon and use your stump to just get it out of there. Just like so. Boom! Then you microwave it for 17 seconds. Melting, melting, melting! Clear as a whistle! Boooooo eeeep Pepper grinders. Oh a love-hate relationship
with pepper grinders, eh? Stick it in the crook of your stump, if you
have one, and then twist. Try with your foot. It’s fucking working! You know at Stump Kitchen there’s no limits
to what you can do with imagination. Fuck you pepper grinder! Okay! Now you mix it up with a spatula! Mmm… smells
spicy! Don’t lick the spatula cause there’s hot sauce
in there. Then put your little cauliflower babies in! blop blop [sing song] And then mix until they’re coated in the red sauce. Mmm… Grab a cookie tin and some parchment paper,
not wax paper- that is a big mistake! Parchment paper. Really hug the bowl with your stump. Hold
it like your morning cup of coffee. Hold it like a football. Hold it like a dear, dear
baby. [laughs silently] And then pour this on. Spread it out with
your spatula! I don’t need a spatula, cause I have a stump. [singing] Scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape, scrape. [singing] Put these little lovers in the oven, yeah! And now we wait. Dipping sauce! Vegan mayo. Honey mustard. Mmm… Big glob of that and a big glob of mustard.
And then mix it up, mix it up, mix up your sauce. Your sweet, sweet dipping sauce. Ready! It’s time to take these babies out! Oh yeah… Turn off your oven! That’s broil – turn it
the other way! Mmm… crispy brown. WHOA! These ones are done. Taste test! Oh! Nom nom nom… Recipe and link in the description down below. [music]

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