How to make vegan gluten free Chocolate Pudding! Stump Kitchen 42

[Natalee] I’m so excited! [Alexis] Do you like avocados? [Natalee] I love avocados – I should have
worn my avocado shirt! [theme music]
[Alexis] Well great, this was a workout! Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! This is Natalee. [Natalee] Hi! [Alexis] I’m so happy that you’re here! [Natalee] Stump buddies! [Alexis] I just need to catch my breath. [Natalee] Yeah. [Alexis] Why did we have to wash our feet
Natalee? [Natalee] Cause we’re gonna use them! [Alexis] We’re gonna use them to cook! [Natalee] My pants are too tight for this! [Alexis] So I’m so excited! We’re gonna make – f#%k I’m still out of breath! We’re gonna make chocolate pudding! [Natalee] Yes! [Alexis] We’re gonna make it with avocados. [bell dings] All we need for this is avocado, maple syrup, cinnamon, some sea salt, vanilla extract,
and then some cocoa. The first thing we need is two avocados. [Natalee] I think these two. [Alexis] You will be for my sandwich later. [kisses] Just pull up our pants here. [Natalee] Yeah! [Alexis] Oh my gosh. This is the best! [Natalee] The bestest! [Alexis] Beautiful! [Natalee] Perfect! [Alexis] Okay, check out my skills, let’s
see… [Natalee] Yes! So good! [Alexis] So beautiful! That was, like, surprisingly easy! [Natalee] Yeah, right? [Alexis] Just do some of those pigeon stretches
in yoga. [Natalee] Lots of stretching – you can do
this too! Oh–
[Alexis] Oh that’s okay. We like to drop things all the time!
[both laughing] [Alexis] I stick my stump in there and kinda
scrape it out. [Natalee] Wow! [Alexis] Oh yes! It’s happening! That’s so great! Tell us, how does this feel? [Natalee] It’s pretty good. [Alexis] It’s really good for your skin! [Natalee] Yeah it’s like I’m getting an arm
facial – an armcial. [Alexis] Our stumps are getting some good,
sweet treatment here today. [Natalee] TLC. [Alexis] Yeah you gotta take care of your
stump! I call my arm my stump, what do you call yours? [Natalee] It has been named Arm-y or I’ve
also had it named ????? – it means “loved one”. [Alexis] Oh! Squish it, squish it, squish it out. [Natalee] Oh boy! [Alexis laughs]
[Natalee] I’m going to find avocado in places I did not expect! [Alexis] Half a cup of cocoa! Yes! Yes! Use your legs! [Natalee] I’m too moisturized! [Alexis] Nice. I really like your leg technique! I often do that for hard jars, just right
between my thighs. [Natalee] Yeah thunder thighs! I wanna be like that girl that like crushes
watermelon with her thighs. [Alexis] It’s okay if you put too much in
because it’s cocoa. [phone buzzes]
[Alexis] Oh that was your phone! Who’s popular? [Natalee laughs] It’s probably my mom. [Alexis] Half a cup of maple syrup! Glub, glub, glub. What’s next? [Natalee] One-third cup milk. [Alexis] Shake-a-shake-a-shake-a-shake. You can use any vegan milk, but I really like
coconut vegan milk because it’s like, it just has that nice sweeter kind of like texture
and flavour to it. [Natalee] Ooh it’s so frothy! That’s why you shake it. [Alexis] Two teaspoons of vanilla extract. [Natalee] Sometimes I get a foot cramp. [Alexis] I can see why! That was just brilliant! [Natalee] Use eye-toe coordination. [Alexis] Thank you. Is there any like specific… [Natalee] I find if you put it in more it
makes it – more clenching. [Alexis] More clenching action. [Natalee] Beautiful! [Alexis] Thank you! Oh that was so rewarding and I only spilled
a tiny bit! Thank you for teaching me that! [Natalee] You’re welcome! [Alexis] I feel like my chef skills have just
gone from here to here. [Natalee] The more limbs you can use the better! [Alexis] Now what. [Natalee] One pinch ????
[Alexis] It’s actually cinnamon, it’s cinnamon! But you can’t really read it. [Natalee singing] Ahhh. [Alexis] One pinch of sea salt. [both] Blend. [both chanting] Blend it up, blend it up,
blend it, blend it, blend it up! [Alexis] Now we’ll give it a little stir. No don’t put your stump in a blender cause
– [Natalee] It’s a little dangerous. [Alexis] It’s a little dangerous. [Natalee] Mmm… [Alexis] Yeah it smells good, hey? [both chanting] Blend it up, blend it up, blend it, blend it, blend it up! [Alexis] We’ve done it! Oh f#%k! There we go! Do you want to do the honours and have a little
taste? Okay! [Natalee] I’m so excited! [Alexis] Me too! How is it? [Natalee] So good!! [Alexis] Oh yay! I don’t know why but that is the best batch
I’ve ever made! I think just cause of the double stump love. [Natalee] And like, the foot action. [Alexis] Yeah, I think like, make this with
your feet! Natalee, thank you so much for being here! [Natalee] Thank you for having me. [Alexis] This was fantastic! I hope you’ll come back? [Natalee] Yes! [Alexis] Subscribe to Stump Kitchen, give
it a like, give it a comment. Support Stump Kitchen on Patreon. Thanks so much for being here this was fantastic. [Natalee] Yeah! [Alexis] We’ll see you next time on Stump
Kitchen. Bye!
[Natalee] See ya! [theme music]

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