How to make vegan gluten free Grilled Cheese! Stump Kitchen 12

[laughs] [coughs] I just inhaled my own spit. [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [singing] Gonna make some grilled cheese sandwiches! [laughs] I have a lot of mosquito bites from
a recent camping trip I went on but it’s made me hungry for grilled cheese sandwiches. Grilled cheese sandwich time! Quick snack. All you need for grilled cheese sandwiches:
gluten-free bread, vegan cheese, and some vegan margarine. Then smash them together and make a sandwich. I decided to use raisin bread! Cause I like to have a little sweet with my
savoury. And it’s just really good that way. Get your butter out! Smear it on your bread with your stump! They’re really good to get a nice, even spread. Just like that. Butter side down. And get some vegan cheese. Smash it on your sandwich. I’m going to be real, real naughty and use
two slices! Put the lid on it and you want your butter
sides out. So it’s real greasy when you hold it. Stick it in your heated up pan. I forgot to heat up this pan. So slippery! Maybe try it with a shield. Oh f#%k! That’s what happens when you leave the gas
oven on forever. So let that heat up just for a few minutes. [gasps] I know a good way to test if your
f#%kin’ pan’s ready! I just remembered this from something. Get a little bit of water on your body and
splash it in the pan and see if you can hear it sizzle. Come over here. [sizzles] Hear that sizzle? It’s f#%kin’ ready! Let’s stick this s#%t on. Come listen to the sizzle again. [sizzles] Oh yeah! Here’s another really great trick for grilled
cheese, grab a lid, like so, and stick it over top. Then it will cook way more evenly. Just f#%in’ wait for that s#%t to cook. Just check on your little one every now and
again just give it a little check. Yeah. And then put your lid on for more melting. Mustard is the thing to be eaten with grilled
cheese sandwiches. That’s a good sound. Ready for you! Ooh! Come and take a look at how this vegan cheese
melts. It melts super weird. So slide your slide-y thing underneath and
flip it over with your stump. Oh yes, yes, yes! When you smell just a tiny bit of burning
that’s when to take it off the grill. Yes. Just a little bit of smoke there too. Ah so cheesy and good. Bam! So something you might want to do is eat this
as soon as it gets out of the pan. But don’t because regular cheese or vegan
cheese – they’ll burn your f#%kin’ tongue. I think it’s time to taste this, I think we’ve
waited long enough. Cut that s#%t in half. Use your stump. Get in there. Yeah. Yeah. Dip it in your mustard. It’s hot! The tartness of the mustard, the creaminess
of the cheese, and the sweetness of the raisin bread? Holy crap that combination! We’re gonna go back in for some more. Mmm! [music]

6 thoughts on “How to make vegan gluten free Grilled Cheese! Stump Kitchen 12

  1. I've never put mustard on grilled cheese, nor have I used raisin bread, but the later seems like a great idea! I like the sweet/savoury combo for grilled cheese, which is why I normally dip mine in syrup.

  2. I have never tried the mustard with the grilled cheese! Also, I should look at what vegan cheese is made of… I have always been curious.

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