How to make Vegan Gluten free Tacos! Stump Kitchen 40

[Jenica] Ahhh! [Alexis laughing] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] You might hear some dog noises in
this episode brought to you by Jezebel. I like your soft ears! It’s taco Tuesday! For real, it’s actually f#%kin’ Tuesday today! [Jenica] I know, we planned this perfectly! [Alexis] This is my best friend, Jenica! [Jenica] Hello! [Alexis] So how long have we known each other? [Jenica] This might be our twentieth year. [Alexis] Oh my god! This is like a celebration in and of itself! Double decade taco friendship! [Jenica] Yes. [both laughing] [Alexis] These are all the things that you need. Okay! Pinto beans! [Jenica] I’m going to make you open them because
I hate your can opener. [laughs]
[Alexis] Don’t we all! Really grip it with your stump and just twist
it up. Yeah!! Rinse your beans! So the smell of an open can of beans – [Jenica] No! I don’t even wanna experience it. [Alexis] Rinse the f#%k outta them! So the recipe says to use half a cup of veggie
broth but I always use one cup cause, I do. [Jenica] She does what she wants. [both] Mix it up, mix it up! [Alexis] Now what do we do? We look at the recipe! Wow. So the beans can go in this pot. Beans in the pot! [Jenica] They left a wet spot. [record scratches]
[both laughing] [Alexis] This is a PG show! Kind of. Okay, let’s put in some coconut oil! [Jenica] Into the beans? [Alexis] Into the beans! Half a cup of veggie broth. Wahhh! Two teaspoons of smoked paprika. I think this is smoked. [Jenica] Oh that’s smoked paprika. [Alexis] Yeah – that’s – [laughs]
Just use the chicken wing technique, hold it in your stump and shake it in. One! [Jenica] Two and a half! [Alexis] Two and a half! [laughs]
Now it calls for two teaspoons of molasses. I always put in much more than that because
— [indecipherable noises]
I’ll just lick this off. [Jenica laughing] Okay. [Alexis] Mmm. It’s a good way to get your iron. Just chug on a box of this s#%t. Next – oh s#%t that’s open! Oh god! – is some apple cider vinegar. So about uh – ah! It’s dripping down me! [Jenica] You did that to yourself. [Alexis] I did. Um… two –
[Jenica] Oh! That’s strong! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] One, and a little bit more. Ooh! Two to three garlic cloves. You’re a professional garlic chopper so you
get to do that s#%t. [Jenica] Let’s do it! I’m using techniques learned on Stump Kitchen. [Alexis] Shut the f#%king door! [Jenica] So I’m going in this little seam
and then twist the knife! [Alexis gasps] Brilliant! [Jenica] Right? Things she taught me! [Alexis] Now it says two to three cloves of
garlic, but — [Jenica] You like to use more? I’m shocked. [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Jezebel we’re making tacos! [Jenica] And then I smash it with my knife
and that makes it easier to peel. Mmm mm-hmm. [Alexis] Mm-hmm garlic hands are the best. [Jenica] The best. [ambulance siren wails]
[Jenica] Arf! [Alexis] So we chopped this much garlic, and
we’re gonna put it all f#$kin’ in! Boom. Okay! What’s next? Um… okay! Now you just simmer that just about medium
heat I think is good. [Jenica] Sounds like simmering temperature. [Alexis laughs] Just kind of forget about
it for a little while while you do the rest of your [email protected]$t. We cut up an onion and about two cups of sweet
potato. Just chop them up into little bits, whatever
works for you! [Jenica] And we’re just going to leave the
skins on? [Alexis] F#%k yeah! [Jenica] Can you teach me your technique of
this? Would you cut it in half first? [Alexis] Yep, there you go. Then I’d put them down like this and cut them
that way. Yep, really good. And then you can just lay them flat and they’re
a lot easier to chop like that and then like that. [Jenica] Okay. [Alexis] You got it! F#%kin’ nailed it! Onion time! Push it down with your stump!
[singing] Peel the skin, peel the skin off the onion! Okay, this? Is a perfect f#%kin’ size. It’s like the size of a– um — a– um… Let’s check on the s#%t we forgot about! Oh yeah you are good news. [Jenica singing] Ain’t a that good news! [Alexis laughs] [Alexis belches] Pardon me. [Alexis] Boom! Two f#%king cups! Now we just fry up the onions and sweet potato
in some coconut oil and then mash everything together and then shove it in our face. [both laugh]
[Alexis] It’s gonna be a fire hazard! We’ll just forget that happened. Yeah I just put those in there from the floor. [Jenica] Oh. [Alexis] That is a thing I do often. Rah!! Green onions. Mmm. Lazy guacamole – mashed up avocado. [Jenica] Then I twist it. [Alexis] F#%k yeah! [Jenica] Ah-thank you. [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] You can put whatever you want on your tacos – lettuce, tomatoes, whatever. Whoa sizzle! Yeah!! [Jenica] That smells delicious. [Alexis] Yeah!
[sings] Mah-mah-mah-mah-mah! They’re softening up really nicely. This is the episode of dropping onions. [ding!] [ding!] [ding!] Runaway onions! So many!
[ding! ding! ding!] F#%k how are these? Grah! They’re everywhere! Put the bean one into the potato one! WAH!!! Hot pan!! This is where you use your leftover veggie
stock if it’s a little bit dry, just add some stock. Great! Then just put the lid on that and let it simmer
for a bit. Mmmmm!! Let’s open these taco shells. Oh! Ooh! It’s got a rip-off thing! No it doesn’t. Yeah! [Jenica singing to the tune of “Macho Man”]
It’s gonna be a taco time. [laughing in fear] Oh no!! What a waste of a good taco. [Alexis] No, I’ll use it. [Jenica] I know. [Alexis gasps] This is my taco Tuesday dress! K, let’s assemble our babies! [Jenica] I want my “guacamole” on first. [Alexis] Yeah? Just stick your stump in there and just scrape
it out. [Jezebel snores loudly]
[Jenica] Oh boy. [Jezebel snores]
[Alexis] I love you! Fuck yes! Just hold your taco. Hnghhh. [singing] Taco Tuesday, Taco Tuesday with
your best friend! Now you have to wait for your taco to cool
down, but nobody wants to do that. [Jenica] I’m goin’ for it. [Alexis] Me too. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. [Jenica] Mm-hmm! [Alexis] F#%k taco Tuesday is the best day
of the world! Mmm. Oh. Mm-hmm!
[both laugh] [Jenica] Not sorry about it. [Alexis] Mm-mmm. Unapologetically f#%kin’ messy. K, you have to make these at home. Send me a picture of you eating them. I want to see the beauty of this going into
your body. [Jenica] I recommend making them with your
best friend. [Alexis] Yeah!! Thank you so much for being on Stump Kitchen. [Jenica] Thanks for having me on Stump Kitchen. [Alexis] Yeah, this was the f#%king best! And thanks so much for watching! [Jenica laughing]
[Alexis] We’re shoving tacos in our faces! [Jenica] Mm-hmm! [Alexis] I would love it if you would subscribe
to my channel, give it a thumbs up, comment below, share the taco Tuesday stump love! This is the f#%kin’ best. So, we’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! Bye! [Jenica] Bye! Om! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis singing] This is my taco Tuesday dress!

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