How to make vegan gluten free Waffles! Stump Kitchen 1

Look! Two hands! Just kidding! [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS!! Do you have your stump? Check. Ready to go. Today — oops! Today on Stump Kitchen we’re
making waffles. So this recipe I’m making gluten free and vegan.
OH! And today I thought
“why the fuck not try it with some chocolate chips?” One. I’ve never done this before, we’re going
to do it with you on Stump Kitchen here today. Waffles! This is a good technique for those of you
using a stump today, grab it like a little chicken wing and just shake. There you go!
Boom! Then a teaspoon of sugar. [sing song] Where’s that? It’s
right here! [normal voice] So good to lay out all your ingredients ahead of time. One and a half cups of milk. I recommend doing
this shit right in the measuring container so you can measure as you go. This is brand
new! We get to open it! It’s really fresh, this milk. Whoa! Two tablespoons of vinegar.
Why do you want sour milk? Fucking makes the waffles so much better! Mix and mix and… Egg substitute is what I use as a vegan. It’s
hard to find but when you find it get a big box so it’ll last you forever! So I recommend for Stump Kitchen cooking with
a stump, wear an item of clothing that you don’t mind getting covered in all of your
shit. [laughs] Cause of this, you know? Three tablespoons of oil! [grunts] Any kind!
Canola oil is good. This technique is a good one, it’s the stomach balance technique. You
just kinda, you rock your item on your stomach and your stump and you just delicately lean
forward to get a nice measured pour. Whoaaa! Boom! Okay this might be a good time to plug in
your waffle iron. Heat that shit up! Mix the egg one into the milk one! Blahhh!
Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix! Pour all liquids into the dry one! Check out this
pouring technique. Fuckin’ no hands!! No hands!! With as few strokes as possible you mix this shit together. That’s it! We’re gonna get fancy! Waffles are fancy! Okay Put it in
a little fancy jar like this one. Pour the syrup into your fancy jar. [singing] boopeebooopeeebooo [laughs] Now, heat it up on the stove! Stick it in
there. When that shit boils this will get all warm and gooey! Oh the green light’s on! [sizzling]
[singing] SIZZLE!! Yeah!! [sing song] And now we wait… we wait, we wait, we wait! We wait, we wait, we wait! Okay, now we do the annoying and important
task of cleaning up while we wait for the waffles to cook. [music] STUMP KITCHEN, STUMP KITCHEN I’ll just have a little more of this… [music] GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Cool alright! Let’s get this out. Use a fork,
not your fingers! That’s smart! Stick it on a cooling rack. Look what I forgot! Chocolate chips! Yeahhh…
Oh I’m excited for this magic! It smells like a fucking dream in here… and this is why!
Chocolate chip magic! We have enough for one more. Stump kitchen
tricks: Stumps are really good for getting shit out of a bowl. So hold your bowl and
scrape with the stump, scrape with the stump, just like a spatula, scrape with the stump.
Yeah!! Who needs a spatula when you have a fucking stump? No one! Yeah!! Fuck yeah! Look at this beauty! In my mouth,
in my mouth. Two thumbs up! TWO! Oh shit that’s good. [music] STUMP KITCHEN, STUMP KITCHEN GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Get the fuck out of there!

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  1. I'm your number one fan!!! #stumpkitchen forever!!! Your soul is beautiful, so is your rocking top knot!!! I can't make a nice top knot with 2 hands, I probably couldn't even do it with 3 hands. You should make a stump hair tutorial πŸ™‚

  2. I am a chef and I've worked on food shows for major networks and I have to say this is one of the best cooking shows. Pls keep up the great work. I'm also from Edmonton so i love even more. Will spread this great love.

  3. Hi, girl! Love your sense of humor. Especially despite your "misfortune," if I can call it that. Watching you cook with just one hand and smile the whole time it's such an inspiration to me… LOVE IT! Just subbed! πŸ’šπŸ˜ŠπŸ’š

  4. You are fucking hilarious πŸ˜‚ Literally our kind of girl!😎 How dare you forget the chocolate chips! Actually laughing out loud on the tube at 'who needs a spatula when you have a fucking stump' πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ We love you! Subscribed instantly, much love πŸ’šβœŒπŸΌοΈ

  5. I have honestly never laughed so hard at a youtube video in. My. LIFE. OH my DAYS, I'm so happy to have stumbled onto this today, defo subbing LMAO

  6. Awesome video! New subscriber. Met you at Edmonton home and garden show. You are so comical! Do you have a theratrical back ground?

  7. I always love your stuff! Just the best πŸ™‚ I feel like you will appreciate my new video. hehe. more stumps in the kitchen the better!

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