How to make vegan Pad Thai! Stump Kitchen 36

Snuggle treats, snuggle treats, yeah! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! Hello! So I am housesitting and dogsitting for my
sister. Jezebel and I thought it would be a good idea
to make a surprise pad thai for when she gets home! Are we gonna make a pad thai? I also thought it would be fun to explore
my sister’s closet. Let’s go see what I find. I found this. I have never made a pad thai before, and something
I do with recipes is I look up a bunch online – Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, Hot For
Food – I mash all the recipes together and just pick out what I like! We’re gonna make a puppy pad thai!
[kisses] I think the first thing we’ll do is make the
sauce, what do you think about that? Get a container thing. Put in something sweet like maple syrup. [straining]
Oh sticky! Wanna lick it? Maybe like, that much? Now something salty! Tamari’s Gluten-free soy sauce! How much, Jez? Yeah? Okay. Then we need some lime juice. K, we roll it like this and then we’re gonna
slice it. Stick your stump in there and juice it, juice
it. Ungh, ungh
I just gotta roll up my – oh [email protected]%t! Ok there just roll up my lace for a second. Juice it, juice it, juice it, mwah! Next, chilli paste! When you have a stump you also tend to use
your teeth a lot! Whew! That looks so funny! Maybe like, that much? Two cloves of garlic! Puppy garlic! Give it a sniff. K, let’s smash it down with your stump!
[singing] Chop it like a pro, chop it like a pro! That was a good sound you made. Just use your stump to scoop it off the cutting
board into your little paw – get it? Paw? Into the sauce. For something vinegary – what is that flavour? Vinegary. You can use rice vinegar, white vinegar, or
tamarind paste. If you don’t have tamarind paste, just use
vinegar. But I got tamarind paste! Tamarind concentrate is what it’s called. [coughs]
It’s really sour! I don’t think I’m going to use too much of
it, but it’s got a really neat like fruity fun time taste. I think we’ll try this much. Jezebel agrees!
[kisses] Now some fresh ginger! I found this, alright. Grate this up! Really hug the microplaner into your torso
with your stump. Grate, grate, grate! Yeah that’s a good smell, eh? Yeah. Blahp. Give it a mix. Wow that is good. I think we did it! Step one: Accomplished. In our fancy dudes. Now what do we do? I don’t know! Let’s get the noodles cooking. Rice noodles. [water running]
You want a puppy drink? [lapping water]
It’s good to drink while you cook cause you get thirsty, ya know? We’ll just get some new water!
[water running] So while that is boiling, we will cut up our
veggies for the fry! Just remember what I’m wearing. Put some olive oil in a pan. Bloop. Cut up an onion! Hold it down with your stump! Do onions make dogs cry? Nah. Blahp, blahp, blahp, blahp. This is what I call the lazy chop. Just rock your knife back and forth kinda
like a see-saw? Just stop when you get tired! I’m tired! Do you approve? Whoa-oh-whoa-oh-whoa! Now a whole bunch of garlic, like, two or
three cloves I think. [straining] Oh! Cooking can really be a workout if you want
it to be. Alright and just do some lazy chops on your
garlic. Just like so! Whoa!
Got it! [singing] Stir up your garlic and onion! K, what’s next? I don’t know! Carrots! Which colour do you want to use, Jez? Purple? Okay sounds good. And just cut them up in tiny bits. I like to do it on a diagonal cause it looks
pretty. Now give it a couple of lazy, rough chops. It doesn’t need to be pretty –
[record scratches] I like to do it on a diagonal cause it looks
pretty. [singing] La, la, la, la, la. Now some purple cabbage! Ha rump rump rump. Okay, so the dog is in my territory now. Jez, you want your own carrot? Now, some kale! Kale is fun. I just hold it with my stump and rip off the
bits from the spine. Yeah that’s for you! And lastly we need some green onions. [crunching] Our veggies are ready! Ooh and our water’s boiling! Time to put our rice noodles in! Blrrp! Okay so the onions and garlic are starting
to get a little bit caramelized and brown – that’s awesome. K now we’re going to put in the carrots and
the cabbage. [singing] La, la, la, la. So pretty! If your pan gets a bit dry you can just add
a bit more oil. Blahp! Okay the rice noodles are done they don’t
take very long at all. Drain them. Happy bounce, happy bounce! I’m gonna put in some sauce? I think? Kale? I don’t know if the onions go in fresh or
cooked but let’s just cook ’em? It looks gorgeous! We’ll just put our noodles in! [straining] [noodle-y surprise sound] Let’s add a bit more sauce. [singing] Wahhh! Smells so good! This looks so beautiful! Look at this! Now, fresh cilantro yum, and some peanuts, and
a little squirt of lime juice. You ready? Oh! It’s like sweet and sour and salty and savoury
like incredible! It is incredible. And it didn’t even take that long! A really awesome thing you could do to support
Stump Kitchen is to subscribe to my channel – click on the little red subscribe button. Put a comment down there, share with your
friends, give it a thumbs up, send me pictures of you eating this gorgeous meal in your face! Thanks for being here on Stump Kitchen. We’ll see you next time. How was that carrot? [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Ohh! I forgot this was going to be for Ainsley
when she gets home and I just ate it. Oopsies! Welcome home Ainsley!

6 thoughts on “How to make vegan Pad Thai! Stump Kitchen 36

  1. Aw, your outfit is so cute! πŸ˜‰ Your vegan pad thai looks incredible! I love pad thai, its one of my favourite meals, so good! Love your presentation too! Hehe, I love eating with chopsticks, I definitely need to eat with them more often though! πŸ˜‚ Jezebel's is so adorable! Your amazing! I love watching your recipe videos so much! πŸ’œ

  2. Oh Alexis. This video made me chuckle so much. I love that you dressed up, and also included Jezebel into this episode. Puppy Pad Thai was such a good idea!

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