How to make vegan Peanut Butter Cups! Stump Kitchen 4

[siren wailing] Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! There’s a siren! They’re coming for me! [laughter] [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! Hello! Welcome to Stump Kitchen! I’m so excited because today my friend Allyson
Reigh, also singer-songwriter, is here to cook with us. What are we gonna make today? [Allyson] We are going to make my sister’s
recipe for gluten-free, vegan, non-measuring Reese cups. And by that I mean we’re not going to measure
anything because we don’t have enough of the ingredients. [Alexis singing] Free for all style! That’s
how I like to cook in the kitchen! Alright, let’s get started! [Allyson singing and guitar] All you need
is peanut butter, coconut oil, cocoa powder, maple syrup, and coconut flakes. It’s so easy! [spoken] That’s where you come
in with the response [singing] so easy. [Alexis and Allyson singing] So easy. [Allyson] Let’s turn on the stove.
[Alexis] Okay! [Allyson] So, coconut oil over a saucepan
– a small saucepan. [Alexis] It melts really fast. [Allyson] If you can grab the cocoa powder.
[Alexis] Okay! [coughs] It’s powdery! [Allyson] You can make them really dark and
chocolatey. Oh, we need, um, maple syrup. [Alexis] Okay! How much of this? [Allyson] Um… that’s a good question! [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Look at how gooey and yummy it is! [Allyson] I would normally put them in mini
muffin pans but – is this going to melt? [Alexis] It might. We —
[Allyson] — didn’t think this through. Let’s just make a couple in here. This will
be fine. [Alexis] Okay. [Allyson] So I would say, um, half a tablespoon
in the bottom. [Alexis] It smells like a chocolate dream
right now. Where do we put them? [Allyson] We’re going to put them in the freezer.
[Alexis] What? [Allyson] Okay so sprinkle a little bit of
coconut in there. [Alexis sings] Dee dee dee dee dee dee dee
dee– [spoken] Is that enough? [Allyson] You’re not scared of making a mess
are you? [Alexis] No, not on Stump Kitchen! Never!
Always wanting to make a mess. [singing] Dat dah dah! [Allyson] And then we’re gonna put this in
the freezer next to the cherries. [Alexis sings] In the freezer!
[Both sing] In the freezer! [Alexis] That was in harmony! [Allyson] Let’s pop these bad boys out.
[Alexis] Bad boys out! [Allyson] Where are all the spoons? There
we go. [Alexis singing] Where have all the spoons
gone? [Allyson singing] What kind of spoon is this? [Alexis laughs] That’s a grape — that’s a
grapefruit spoon. [Allyson sings] It looks like it would cut
your mouth at every opportunity. [Alexis] It has teeth. We’ll put that away. [Allyson] Then you take, uh, literally like
a teaspoon full of all-natural peanut butter because we want this to be as healthy and
full of all the good stuff. So you put a little bit on and we’ll smooth
it out. Smooth it all out. Oh we need salt! [Alexis] I have that!
[Allyson] Perfect, do you have like Himalayan salt cause you’re fancy! [Alexis] I have — [Allyson] Three, four — [Both sing] Fine crystal sea salt! [Allyson] We sprinkle just a little pinch
on each. Isn’t that good luck? Over the shoulder? [Alexis] Just throw it over your shoulder! [Allyson] And then we get to take this lovely
mixture of maple syrup, a little bit of coconut oil, and cocoa powder —
[Alexis] Mmm, yum. [Allyson] – and then you pour it over the
rest! And then my favourite part is you get to sprinkle
some coconut on top. [Alexis] Oooh!! Dee dee! Nice. [Allyson] There we go!
[Alexis] We did it! Thank you so much for being here! That was
exciting and delicious! [Allyson] Good I’m glad you liked it!
[Alexis] So good! Well, and thanks for watching. Stay tuned
for more Stump Kitchen, subscribe to my channel, all that good stuff!
Where can we find you? [Allyson] Uh, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. [Alexis] Allyson Reigh. Boom. [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Allyson singing and guitar] No-bake, easy,
non-measuring — [spoken] whoa! What just happened? [singing] No-bake, easy, non-measuring Reese cups on
Stump Kitchen today — [spoken] that was weird. [Alexis laughs] [Alexis] Wait! That’s you! Oh my gosh! They’re the same person!

3 thoughts on “How to make vegan Peanut Butter Cups! Stump Kitchen 4

  1. We missed the taste test scene because we only had 20 minutes to shoot the episode, but believe me – they were SO good!!!!!

  2. I was completely unaware that you were baking single handedly until the end. When you dipped you unhand in the chocolate. Kind of blew my mind.

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