How to make vegan Smashed Potatoes! Stump Kitchen 33

[both laughing] [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis singing] Dn-dn-dn-nahhhh! [both singing] Dn-dn-dn-nahhhh! [Alexis] What’s your super power Callie? [Callie] I’m left handed! What’s your superpower? [Alexis] Well I’m stumped! Ba-dum-shhh! [Callie] Because we’re on Stump Kitchen! It’s stumped. [Alexis] Get it? [Callie] No? [Alexis] Eh? No? We’re gonna make crispy smashed potatoes! [Callie] Yeah! [Alexis] Yeah! These are the best things in the world. [Callie] Really? [Alexis] Well, they’re not as good as Brussels
sprouts. [Callie] No. [Alexis] No nothing’s as good as —
[Callie] Probably not. [Alexis] Probably not. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna boil
a bunch of mini potatoes. [Callie] Like this! [Alexis] Yeah exactly!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Then you spill water everywhere. We already boiled the potatoes just to save
some time. So you boil the potatoes until they’re soft,
just check them with a fork, for about like 25 minutes or so. And I have this cool strainer thing so when
you take them out they all come out together! [splash]
[both laughing] [Alexis] For the potatoes, preheat your oven
to — [Callie] 459 degrees. [Alexis] Preheat your oven to 459 degrees. [oven beeps] [Alexis] Yeah! So you get a nice pan. [sings] Ahhh! [banging pan] [Alexis] Suppertime! We get to lay them out on here. Don’t you love all the colours? [Callie] Yeah! We should put the purples on top. [Alexis] It’ll be like a mini mountain rainbow. [Callie] There we go! [Alexis] It looks so pretty. Do you know what we do next, Callie? [Callie] Yeah! We smash ’em! [thunder crashing]
[Alexis] Smash them like this! [Alexis] Stumps! [Callie] Junior stumps! [Alexis] Smashing heroes! Smash! Yeah! Yeah! Sometimes your potatoes go flying when you
smash them. Now you get to use your favourite friend the
olive oil. [Callie] Yay!!! [Alexis] Hooray! [Callie] Woooooooooo! [Alexis] Yes just like that! That was like epically perfect. [Callie] I dropped the lid. [Alexis] That’s okay, we like to drop things
here. [Alexis singing] Use your junior stump and
smash out the salt! Get that pepper on! Get that pepper on! Great stump techniques! This is how you do it folks. Right here. On Stump Kitchen. Stump techniques through the roof! [Callie] Is this enough? [Alexis] Oops yep! Good! Garlic powder! [Callie] Simply organic garlic powder. [Alexis] Yum yum yum! Yeah yeah! Excellent. And you can put as much or as little as you
want for your own taste. I think we don’t need any more salt. [Callie laughs]
[Alexis] I think we’re good with the salt. So now, guess what we do? [Callie] Put ’em in the oven! [Alexis] That’s right! Put ’em in the oven! Yeah! Boom! 28 minutes? Sound good? [Callie] 29!! [Alexis] Okay! Now we get to make the sauce! [Callie gasps] [Callie] For the avocado garlic eye-oh-lee.
[both laugh] [Alexis] I believe it’s pronounced aa-ee-oh-lye…
oh-ee-oh-lee… ay-lye-lee-lay. Number one, one large avocado. [Callie] You smash it! [Alexis] Smash it with your stump. Gosh it’s working so well! [Callie] We don’t even need a knife! [Alexis] Knives are overrated! [Callie] Yeah! [Alexis] Make sure you spill a lot when you
cook. [Callie] Whoa! [Alexis] Half a tablespoon of — [gasps] –fresh
lemon juice. Guess what we get to do!? [Callie screaming with glee]
[both singing] Ahhhh!!! [Callie] I’ve been watching your show and
I was like “[gasp] I wanna do that!” [Alexis] Grab this. Yeah! You stick your stump in it and juice it! Juice it! Juice it, juice it, juice it. [Callie] Juice it. And this doesn’t hurt at all! [Alexis] Doesn’t hurt at all! It’s a little chilly, but it doesn’t hurt! Rinsey, rinsey. [Callie] Shake attack! [Alexis] Ahhhh!! Half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Great! That’s about half a tablespoon I’d say, maybe
more! Quarter cup of vegan eggs, like vegan mayo. [Callie] Oh! [Alexis] Nice work. [Callie] Get in there!
[both laughing] [Alexis] I knew this was going to happen! I knew it! Mayo food fight! Ah! It’s time to do laundry, folks!
[both laughing] [Alexis] I’m going to cut up this clove of
garlic. Put the knife flat on it like this and then
squish it down with my stump. [Callie] Whoa! [Alexis] And now we can peel it. Way to go! Boom! And then this goes in there. Get it in there. Who needs a spatula when?? [Callie] You’ve got a junior stump! [Alexis] Yeah!!!
[both laughing] [Alexis singing] Bam, bam, bam, bam, pepper
time, pepper time! Salt time! Yeah! That’s good, that’s good, that’s good! [Callie laughing]
[Alexis] Yep that goes on there! You got it! [processor whirrs] [both] Blend it up! Blend it up! Blend it, blend it, blend it up! [whirring stops] [Alexis] Yeah. Oh yes. It’s really good. [Callie] Mmm! [Alexis] Yeah! You made a good sauce! Oh they’re so done! Incoming!!
[both] Ohhh!! [Alexis] Oh my goodness. [both] Uhhhhhh!! [Alexis] Hot potato! Hot potato! Okay let’s get this on the plate! Mmmmmm! [Callie] Mmmm! [Alexis] I like how we’re just like “we don’t
need forks, what’s a fork?” [both cheering] [Alexis] This was so much fun, thank you for being here. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! Bye! [Callie] Bye!
[Alexis] Oh! We are so good! [both laughing] [Alexis] On her eyelash! [Callie] You just cannot throw! [both laughing] Maybe it’s better with chips? [both laughing]

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Callie! Those vegan smashed potatoes look so good! You guys are so funny together! Loved this! 😍👌🏻

  2. Love love love your YouTube channel Alexis! This is hilarious, fun, and educational about vegan cooking all at once. I can't wait to try some of the recipes. So nice to run into you and Callie in person today. 🙂

  3. This so so great! My mom suggested that I watch your videos and I love it! I love your jokes because I relate so much to them because I have a stump too!! Thanks for showing that having a stump is AWESOME!!!! #STUMPPOWER

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