How to make Vegan Turtles! Stump Kitchen 43

[both laughing]
[Alexis] Wait for it, wait for it! How many hands does it take? [Bridget laughs]
Look how gorgeous this bow is! Let’s see mine, is it also pretty? [Bridget] Yeah! [Alexis] You’re so kind! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Alexis] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! This is Bridget. [Bridget] Hi! [both laugh]
[Alexis] We’re gonna make some really awesome treats tonight – today. [Bridget] Yes! [Alexis] What time is it? Tell us what we’re going to be making today. [Bridget] Um, they’re these weird turtle chocolate
things. [both laugh]
[Alexis] Turtles are animals and that’s not vegan, so what’s another name we could come
up with? [Bridget] Lettuce. [Alexis] Chocolate lettuce. Okay great! We’re gonna make some salted caramel chocolate
lettuce. [Bridget laughs]
Also known as vegan turtles. So we picked this snack because it’s high
salt and high fat. Tell us why that’s important especially for
someone like you! [Bridget] So, I have Cystic Fibrosis, which
means I have trouble digesting high fat, high protein. With the disease I lose a lot of salt in my
sweat. [Alexis] Do you just like snack on salt and
vinegar chips all day? [Bridget] Mm-hmm! [Alexis] Oh my gosh. That’s like one of my favourite–
[Bridget] Miss Vickie’s. [Alexis] Oh yes! Okay so high salt is really good. [Bridget] Yes. High fat is good? [Bridget] Yes. And high protein. [Alexis] And high protein! We’re gonna show you some of the ingredients
that we’re gonna use because it’s all those things. Cashews! Those are high fat, those are salted too,
and there’s protein in them. [Bridget] Sugar? No. Cinnamon? No. [Alexis] It’s actually cocoa! [Bridget] Maple syrup. [Alexis] Syrup. [Bridget] Syrup. [Alexis] Syrup. [Bridget] Salt. [Alexis] Plain old sea salt. [Bridget] And coconut oil. [Alexis] Oh, it just tastes like —
[Bridget] Coconut? [both laugh]
[Alexis] I’ll leave! You can run the show, you know what you’re
doing! Let’s have some right now. [Bridget] Okay. [Alexis] Open that up – oh it’s new! [Bridget] Do you have a knife?
[record scratch] [Alexis] Oh do I have a knife, my friend. Yeah!! Look at you just goin’ at it. Just get in there. [Bridget laughs]
[Bridget] Did I just step in some? [Alexis] You might have stepped in something
from earlier today… Now we can just wipe our hands on our aprons. [Bridget] Oh, okay! [Alexis] That’s why we have them! Oh! There’s one more thing that I totally forgot
about! Any guesses on what this is? [Bridget] I wanna say like prunes or dates. [Alexis] Dates yeah! You got it! These are just regular old pitted dates and they’ve
been soaking in hot water since just before you got here. The first thing that we get to do is um, we’re
going to take the skin off. Do you think our hands are clean? [Bridget] Probably. [Alexis] We’ll just pretend they are. So we have about a cup of dates. That should be about right, I don’t know. [singing] Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee-dee! Whoop! [Bridget laughs]
[Bridget] I’m a basketball player, are you ready?
[both laugh] [Alexis] Look at this bowl of skin we have! We like to get messy here on Stump Kitchen,
it’s kinda part of the package. Do you know the “Blend it Up” song? [Bridget] I don’t. [Alexis] I’m gonna teach it to you, ok? [Bridget] Oh no! [Alexis] It goes like this: Blend it up, blend
it up, blend it, blend it, blend it up! Push the button. [Bridget] Wait, which button? [Alexis] Mmm, whichever feels good to you. [button clicks]
[both laugh] [Alexis] So what happens when you’re on a
cooking show you forget to plug things in! Take two on the blending and the song!
[blender whirrs] [both singing] Blend it up, blend it up, blend
it, blend it, blend it up! [Alexis] Okay, let’s try something different
with that! Let’s put in this dates —
[Bridget] Date water? [Alexis] Date water. [whispers] I’ve never done this. I don’t know if it’s okay or not! [Bridget] That looks so weird. [Alexis] It sure does. [both singing] Blend it up, blend it up, blend
it, blend it, blend it up! [Alexis] I think it would be really nice to
put some vanilla extract in there. [Bridget] Oh! [Alexis] Yeah, you know, you know. [Bridget] I’m scared! [Alexis] That’s okay, we’re all scared. [both singing] Blend it up, blend it up, blend
it, blend it, blend it up! [Bridget] Oh… can we just eat that? [Alexis] Of course! [Bridget] Oh thank you! [Alexis] You’re welcome! [Bridget] Do I get the whole spoon? [Alexis] You sure do! [Bridget] Ooh! [Alexis] Mmm! [Bridget] It has a weird texture when it’s
in your mouth, but… [Alexis] It does yeah, we’re gonna drown that
with chocolate and nuts. I don’t know what to do next so let’s think
about it together. [Bridget] Okay! [Alexis] Yes I do know! Okay! We’re gonna take this pot, we’re gonna put
a bunch of coconut oil — [Bridget laughs]
Um, maybe a little less? [Bridget] I’m bending your spoon! [Alexis] It’s okay. Now, this my friend is absolutely perfect. [Bridget] We just need to add a little more. [Alexis] Just a little more. [Bridget] Just a little more. [Alexis] Oh my gosh! So while we’re waiting for our coconut oil
to melt, maybe you can tell us about a really awesome thing that’s happening on May 20??? [Bridget] 8th
[Alexis] 8th! What’s happening on May 28th? [Bridget] On May 28th there’s going to be
a Cystic Fibrosis walk at Hawrelak Park. Two laps around the park. [Alexis] The link down below, follow it and
support Bridget for the walk! Just go to the link right down there! Throw some money at CF research! Ok it melted! Now? We get to put a whole bunch of cocoa in. Try half first — oh! You passed the first Stump Kitchen test. Make a mess? Check! Just pre-bubbling, so pre-medium? I don’t know what this is. [Bridget] Simmer? [Alexis] Oh yeah! Almost like a simmer. [Bridget] I’m science-y! [Alexis laughs]
[Alexis] Let’s put in some maple syrup, let’s sweeten this up! [Bridget] Syrup! [Alexis] Syrup! Let’s put syrup in. Yeah. [Alexis singing nonsensically]
Show us your dance moves, Bridget! [both laugh]
[Alexis] More syrup? [Bridget] Yeah I think so! There we go. [Alexis] Yeah! We need a little muffin tin. So just like a quarter of an inch on the bottom. It’s like chocolate soup! [Bridget] I’m not good at this! [Alexis] Yes you are you’re perfectly messy! Now we stick them in the freezer for about
seven minutes. Vegan turtles aka
[both] Lettuce. [both laugh]
[Alexis] This is what happens when you cook with a 13 year old! Okay into the freezer we go! [clock ticks] [Bridget] Ooh fancy! [Alexis] Yeah! Spoon out a nice glob of that. So we’re kinda putting globs like this in
them, but you can just do what you want! Now we get to lick our spoons! Just wipe ourselves off. Nuts! Put as many as you want in them. Can I snack on one of those? [Bridget] Yeah! [Alexis] Now put a little tiny sprinkle of
salt — ooh great technique! Now we just cover them up with chocolate!
[singing] Doin’ it, doin’ it! Making our lettuce! Look how beautiful these are!
[both laugh] [Alexis] Let’s put it in the freezer. Just check on it, when it’s cold, they’re
done. [clock ticks]
Let’s check on our things! Yep I think they’re done! To get these beauties out, all you need is
a butter knife. Oh! [laughs]
Okay, we’ve never done this before so… Look I bent the knife! [Bridget] See – I think stabbing in the middle. [Alexis] I think you’re right. Get it out! Get it out! Here’s the first one… Here’s the second one… We are on a roll here! [Bridget] Oh yes. [Alexis] So this is what we call a deconstructed
vegan turtle. Look at this presentation! Mmm! Oh! You can taste like the salty, the caramel,
the chocolate. Way to go! We did a really good thing here. And we made it fun to get out of the pan for
ya! [Bridget] Mm-hmm! [Alexis] This was fantastic! Subscribe to my channel, comment below, support
Stump Kitchen on Patreon, I’d love to see you there, and definitely support Bridget
support the walk for CF down in the link below. [Bridget] And uh, if you do support me I’d
like to thank you guys all in advance. [Alexis] Yeah support this awesome human right
here! We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye! [theme music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [blender whirrs]
[Alexis] K, one more mix — [Bridget] Is it good? [Alexis] Listen to that sound – why is it
making sound? [Bridget] I broke your blender.

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  1. 😂😂 hilarious as usual. Quick tip for getting the fuckers out is before you put the mixture in the tin put a little strip of baking paper in so when you take it out you just pull the paper.. does that make sense?😂

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