How to make vegan Whipped Cream! Stump Kitchen 15

Where’s the cake mixer? There it is! Oh s#%t! Welcome to my kitchen. [music]
AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! We’re gonna make whipped cream today. Vegan whipped cream! And gluten free. You can still have whipped cream when you’re
vegan and it’s really f#%kin’ good and this is how you make it. [clangs beaters rhythmically] The stuff you need for whipped cream – not
a lot of stuff! You need a bowl, and you need some vanilla
extract. This s#%t smells so, so good. But don’t drink it or taste it. You think it’s gonna taste good, but it
doesn’t. And then use some sugar – icing sugar or
regular, I think, will be fine. And then some coconut milk, which – [beater clangs on the floor] I forgot I was holding that! S#%t! So here’s the trick though – you get coconut
milk, you get a can of it, and you stick it in your fridge overnight so it gets really
cold. Let’s see if I remembered to do that. I’m pretty sure I did. Yes I did! Okay, let’s make our f#%kin’ whipped cream! Get a can opener. Yeah. Can openers and stumps are a really interesting
combination. I’ve known a few good ones in my life and
I’ve known a few bad ones. This one’s alright. It’s pretty new. We’re gonna give it a shot and see how it
goes. Squeeze with your stump crook. Yes! Oh! And sometimes it doesn’t work and another
way to use this is to use your chest and your stump. Yeah. Yeah. Oh third time’s a charm! Let’s do that chest technique one more time
cause it’s a good one. Yeah! Sweet! See it’s all like congealed and s#%t. [singing] Dat dat dat. It’s actually quite cold. I wonder if that’s a good thing. So stick it in a bowl. Oh! Dig it out with a knife or whatever you’ve
got. Ooh. You’re going to get to a point where you’ve
got some liquid and you want to pour that off. Get your stump in there and get the rest out. Smash it up a little with your stump. Great! Now add some vanilla extract. Just a little splash. That’s perfect! Shake a little sugar in there. Get your hand mixer ready. It’s like I have a bionic arm and it’s
a mixer! [mixer whirrs] Alright, grab your bowl, hug it tightly, mix
it up! A really dangerous thing I noticed was my
shirt. There we go. Be safe in the kitchen folks. [yelling over mixer] Wow look at that! Okay. So these are really the most exciting part
cause you get to lick them off! Oh f#%k so good! Mmm. It’s so good. The vanilla just like adds a whole ‘nother
level. Excellent. Look at this it’s smooth and creamy. This coconut vegan whipped cream is so good
and so thick and tasty. [sing-song] Mmm mmm mmm mmm. You can just put it on anything and it’s
going to always taste so good. Well thanks for joining us on Stump Kitchen
today. This was really fun to make with you! Mm-hmm. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen! Bye! [music]

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