How to make your own Backyard Cricket Pitch

hi guys Joe here from lawn solutions
Australia and today we’re going to run through
some tips on how to make your own backyard cricket pitch preparing a pitch
is best done in spring and summer as mowing your grass too low when it is not
actively growing is not a good idea varieties like couch or TifTuf for
example are perfect for cricket pitches as they can be mown really low and still
recover, kikuyu and Buffalo are also acceptable however be careful when
mowing Buffalo lawns too low as they don’t have any rhizomes which are the
roots beneath the surface so growing them back might be a problem. firstly of
course you need a location keep in mind where four runs or six and out will be
where it’s best to bowl from and where people can watch from. once you’ve picked
the spot mark the length of your pitch if you have older kids make the pitch as
long as your yard allows, for younger kids you may want to make your pitch a
bit shorter. the best spot for a pitch is in front of a garage a fence or a wall
so you can have an automatic wicket keeper for one-on-one games. next drop
the height of the blades on your mower, you need to mow the pitch into the
existing lawn nice and short so you’ll get more bounce plus it will look more
like the pictures you see on TV with nice contrast to the rest of the yard
remember though don’t mow down to dirt or you’ll have a sticky wicket dead
grass you may have to mow a few times depending on how thick your grasses keep
you catch it on to remove your clippings so there is nothing left on the surface
if you’ve got the room you can mow a strip for the boundary once you’ve
removed your clippings it’s time to set up stumps if you have wooden stumps and
bails knock them into the ground if you have metal stumps place them in position
now if you want to get creative you can go for the good old fashioned council
bin the esky, a stack of buckets or even get some tape and tape a set of wickets
onto the fence or a wall after this grab some marking paint and mark the crease
at either end mark the crease as long as the length of your bat plus its handle finally you’re set ready to smash a
six or send down a doosra all you need now are some friends to play with
once you’ve called stumps for the day give the pitch an aerate and a deep
soaking if it’s had excessive wear you may want to stay off it for a while
before I go here’s a bonus tip to add some fun to your game wrap some
electrical tape around a tennis ball like this. this causes the ball to swing
a lot in the air and really keeps the batsman guessing happy batting and
bowling we hope to catch you next time maybe in your drinks break. if you
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right throughout the year. thanks for tuning in to Lawn Solutions
Australia we hope to catch you next time

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