8 thoughts on “How To Master The Mental Game Of Baseball – Craig Sigl

  1. Noticing and commenting on what they did right is such a powerful thing to do for your kids and easy to forget! Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment!

  2. This is the truth. I have doubt's in my mind whether I can catch that pop-up or whether i can make that throw and i just visualize myself at practice with no pressure where i excel at and apply it to a game situation. good stuff

  3. Love the video! Some great tips! Love the mental game of baseball. People do not understand the importance of it!

  4. I've been away from the game 30 years, played D1 came back to the game that I once loved because of my seven year old boy who is now in baseball for the first time. WOW! have things changed I see kids which I help coach go into mental melt downs over the smallest things and the parents seem to think it's cute! I pity these children who learn the wrong way. Love, respect and earn your way to the top. throwing helmets after a strike out at 7 well get you no where. It's a kids game. WOW! to much TV

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