How to Perform a Cross Net Shot, Forehand, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
cross net shot in the forehand side. we’re gonna talk about three key points
and the first one is the upper body needs to be in line with the legs like
this. Show the straight net shot and I want a
slightly bend elbow and I want to straighten my non-dominant arm so I can
counterbalance the momentum towards the net. Go past the shuttle so just before I’m
reaching the shuttle I go past it and I lower my elbow and I use my forearm
rotation the pronation okay so I’m not using the wrist here the wrist is it’s
not consistent to use the wrist so again from this position I go past the
shuttle I lower my elbow and I use my fingers to hit the shuttle.

29 thoughts on “How to Perform a Cross Net Shot, Forehand, Badminton

  1. Thanks guys. I always had more trouble on the forehand side rather than backhand, cause i used my wrist and not pronation =)

  2. Again good content and very informative. But when you post defending videos (which I had commented many times on your many videos) I hope you will not forget it and that video will be next. InshaAllah 😍👍👍👍

  3. I think I'll have more opportunities with this one! I'm loving all these shots around the net because they can be so intricate! Thank you Famly! 🙏

  4. I noticed going past the shuttle is what makes this move look that much more deceptive and cooler! This is what I'll be working on tonight for sure 💪

    Recently I played against someone who had a lot of experience in badminton (7-10 years of experience) and every time he did a low serve he always hit it to a spot at my body where it felt uncomfortable to return and I can't find much information on this strategy anywhere! Im assuming its because im currently a slow returner and he took advantage of it some how? I hope you guys can make a video about slow returning vs fast returning or where a server can aim that will bring pressure to the opponent? I know this would vary based on foot stance, place on the court and hand dominance so it might be a big topic to cover across multiple videos

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  6. Hi guys, I really enjoy your video tips and it has help me to modify my game tremendously.
    Hats off big time and keep up the good work.

  7. Nice video editing, but to make the video more professional, you should learn how to grab the racket as all the professionals do. Now you are grabbing the racket with a fist.

  8. Come on guys, we support channel "Badminton Famly" reaching 100.000 subscriber.
    Share this video to your friend.
    💗 💪

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