How to Perform a Toe Pull That WORKS – New Hockey Stickhandling Drill

Here you are working on extending your
reach out and also extending your reach back. So as you are doing toe pulls it’s good
to be all have a good extension forward again reaching for a lose puck, pulling it in or just by anticipating it and leading the defender to think that they
can poke check in and then pulling it back. So, we are going to work on expanding their reach out which means that your top hand and your bottom hand are going to slide together. You bottom
hand slides up and then when we expanded back we are really
reaching back as far as you can go and we’re working on controlling that puck back behind you
and toe pulling back behind you because if you just make toe pulls in front of you like
this, you’re still in arrange for the defender to poke check you. So, in this situation of being able
to pull that puck back far now you are completely out of range
for that offender to be able to poke check you. So all
you’re going to work on is just expanding that reach out and then
really point it back far and bringing that puck back in front of you. So, you are expanding our pulling our reach that park all the way back, and stand out, pull all the way back. Try to get that puck as far back behind you as you can. Span out, hold back. So we have a set up of puck here and you are just going to come all the way back behind that puck and you can keep moving that puck back
in farther back and back as you get more more comfortable. So here expanded out, pull that puck all the way back, extend out, pull the puck back. So, we are really just working on
expanding out. Pull that puck back so what I want to
focus on, I want you to focus on expanding out
that reach, pulling that puck back, bringing it back far behind you and then back in front of
you. Hands are coming together as you expand out bringing it all the way back as far back as
you can keep setting that puck up farther and farther back here we have
the toe pull, extension of reach and then bringing it as far as back as you can behind you really working on expanding that reach.

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