How To Perform Badminton Techniques

Hi, my name is John Webb, I’ve been a badminton
coach for over 15 years and I’m going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. Hi,
I’m going to talk to you about correct badminton techniques to play when you are just coming
in new to the sport. The two main badminton techniques, I’m going to talk you through
the grips, so you’ve got the forehand and you’ve got a backhand grip. They are the two main techniques that guide
all the shots, so very fundamental things so without these grips and techniques, you
are probably not going to play the shots correctly. So the forehand grip, it’s called a handshake
grip, so like you are shaking the racquet, so you’ve got the forefingers round and your
shaking it and the thumb’s round so it’s like a handshake and it’s like that. So you want
to be playing that, everything on the right hand side, underarm, it’s the handshake that
guides all your overhead shots to the right hand side of the forehand just like you are
shaking the racquet and the thumb around. That’s the handshake or forehand grip, so
place all the overheads and underarms. The other grip is very similar to the backhand,
so the same bit with the four fingers around but this time, the thumb is on the very flat
point of the grip so that it is pointing down – it’s on the flat – so it’s not on the side
but on the flat, so you have the backhand and everything gets turned towards you, so
thumb is used as a lever to actually push and give leverage to the shots. Everything
on the left hand side is played with the thumb as a lever as hitting it up here, all overheads,
underarms, it’s all with this thumb acting as a lever so to change grips, you have the
handshake/the forehand and you move it across and you’d just be putting the backhand there
so that is just a slight change and forehand to backhand. So start with having a really good practice
of those grips, get really used to the handshake so that you’ve got the thumb on the left of
the back hand that will really help you get started in badminton. .

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