How to Pitch a Baseball : Body Position Exercises for Baseball Pitching

Hi. My name’s Mike Lumley on behalf of Expert
Village. I’m here to teach you pitching. We’ll start from here; we’ll go through it slow.
Seperate down, up, and in this phase I like to pause, especially with the young kids,
and then we’ll throw. As we throw, we bring our elbow and our glove in and we release
out front. So we’ll go through it. Down, up and finish. So when I finish, I have to make
sure that my chest is over my knee; my hand finishes to my opposite thigh. Very important, this is a good time, if you
have somebody to receive, to still have them down into a catcher’s stance so you start
working on your release points. Ok, and if you noticed the whole time that I finish off,
my chin is still focused on my target, my eyes don’t pull off to the side or my body
moves left or right. We’re going to stay linear in our mechanics, either on two facets –
up or down this way and left or right. So if our body starts to sway this way or sway
back, then we’re going to have some problems in our mechanics, and evenetually in our release
point and on our target.

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  1. Mike,

    When you watch better MLB Pitchers, you see their Glove Hand initially move away from their Body and also stay above their Chest throughout their motion. These Top Flight MLB Pitchers display much more linear rotation than in the separation you present in this video.

    Add these teachable skills to your instructional routine and you'll see your Pitching Students show more improvement in less than time than your ever thought possible.

    L.A. "Skip" Fast
    Professional Pitching Solutions

  2. I think you are just a little kid who doesn't know what he's talking about!


  3. To the people that said this guy isnt teaching correctly, yall are wrong. You need mechanics before you can pitch. Its all about mechanics and this is a great drill to get your mechanics working. You also don't bend you back or "sway" as he says it. I used to sway and i would always through it high or left. SO this guy is pretty smart. As a pitcher for th Indianapolis Indians, I recmooned this drill and these teachings. BTW watch the video on my channel of my son wrestling. anyways good pitching

  4. I don't remember if I was 13 during this, but I remember being able to pitch 83 once… And Now I'm not sure how fast I can pitch, but how fast you can pitch doesn't matter… I guess it's how good you can pitch, right?… The only ones really I can do well is the fastball, moon-break, and curveball… I actually started at 13… But, I'm still learning… So sorry for getting smart… I guess it was just because I want to think I already know everything, but that is wrong…

  5. This guy teaches correctly. You guys are all dumb asses for saying this is wrong. This is the proper way to learn balance during you're throw and follow-through.

  6. does this guy think we are all retarded??? im pretty sure everyones coach has told them how to do this already

  7. if i do this drill will my elbow start hurting cuz every time i throw like 30 pitches my elbow seems to hurt

  8. ya my friend told me i was pitching shitty cuz my arm was crossing over my chest like this guy. Are you supposed to release and swing your arm down to your side or something?

  9. You do know some of the best players out there are from the Dominican Republic right?
    And on top of that, there is a Canadian team.

  10. is youtube for 14 years old only? on all the pitching vids i see 14year olds saying they can throw 70-80mph prob means 70 meters per hour

  11. im not even lying, but….

    im 14 bout to turn 15 in march and i live in Canada.I throw 70mph

    someone please reply to me please i really want to know!

    thanks y'all

  12. Great video for little coaches to teach he has all the upper body mechanics down, you kids that throw 70's that's a good starting point at 15 for high school but sorry it won't get you past high school. Mid 80's for leftys and 90's for right handers is what division 1 colleges look for.

  13. dumb are you,if u knew anything about baseball you would no that throwing from ur knee help with mechanics and u are supposed to extend ur arm all the way..dont try and act like u know what ur talking about

  14. While he is right about staying straight with your chin, I don't like some of his mechanics, especially the high release point. I feel that the ball should be head high and seem to come out of your chest.

  15. @Ajmasterb12 the exact same thing happened to me… i struck out 15 kids in one game and 3 days after the game i had another one and i somehow forgotten how to pitch

  16. @KillerP7anda the same thing happens to me

    I through out my arm while throwing at a fence[like 250 pitches]. Then it healed. And now i cant even throw while playing catch, i throw in the dirt or over their heads

    Idk wdf happend D:

  17. Do not teach players and pitchers to bring the ball back and up. Keep the ball below your shoulders for quickness, arm health, and hiding the ball.

  18. this is a good drill for every player, not only pitchers. I played outfield/corner infield/second base in high school, i still had to do this drill every single day.

  19. hello friend as I can be your friend for me to explain some things to grab me for a mechanical failure good I'm from the Dominican Republic I'm shooting right pitcher has 92 miles and another thing you can help me an athletic scholarship has conceguir Any thing my msn msn is [email protected]

  20. hello friend as I can be your friend for me to explain some things to grab me for a mechanical failure good I'm from the Dominican Republic I'm shooting right pitcher has 92 miles and another thing you can help me an athletic scholarship has conceguir Any thin

  21. Eh.. I hate it when people teach the arm circle. Do you ever see a pro ball player do that? no. It's like cracking a whip. You need to have a quick change in direction. Do you crack a whip in a circular motion? No…

  22. alright i gotta make a video cause this guy is not showing it right trust me, ive been trained by a minor league baseball player for the DiamondBack Dan Taylor you can look him up he went to Central Michigan University and went to Jension High School in Husonville and Dan Taylor has really changed my pitching skills to being crappy into being a great pitcher i went from a 45mph just in 3 months i hit 76mph

  23. @8aoh its an upper body excercize so u dont have the follow through of legs as a factor. for full body u stand up

  24. Generally as a lefty pitcher myself, In my pitching motion I tend to lean back just a little bit when I bring my leg up.

    Since I have an extremely nasty natural curve thats what I do to make sure that my pitch goes in the right spot.

  25. Thank u, my son has natural talent but I never played much and I'm reluctant to tell him how to pitch and cause him to have bad form because I don't know what I'm doing.

  26. I understand the mechanics explained by throwing from the knees but from a structure/function perspective it is completely useless in game application since you never pitch from your knees. In the end you have to put it all together on your feet and this can easily be taught from a natural pitching position.

  27. You are dumb. I play for a college program. There are no arm circles, only scapula loads. It's much faster.

  28. terrible front side fundamentals. for starters, you dont teach pitchers to bring your glove to your chest, you teach them to bring their CHEST to the GLOVE. doing it this way creates the pitcher to be able to get full extention over their knee. Secondly, you're glove side flew open every single time and finished down by your hip. The glove needs to stay up as long as possible and finish out in front of face near chest. Your fundamentals need work, not quite an expert village.

  29. Omg, can baseball people get any stupider than what they already are? If you are teaching an arm swing to the the top, whatever in the hell that means (arm swing to the top means the following: a swinging of the pitching arm in which you create an arm arc in which you have a vertical L look to your lower arm aka a vertical L) then you as a learning young player should run as fast as you can from this drill. If you want to throw hard, you MUST BE ABLE TO PULL YOUR UPPER ARM BACK. YOU CAN NOT PULL YOUR UPPER ARM BACK AS GA AS YOUR BODY WILL ALL TO DO SO IF YOUR HANDED IS STICKING UP TOWARDS THE SKY. YOU EVER SEE A BOXER SWING AT HIS OPPO NE NY FROM A VERTICAL L OR…MORE SO FROM A HORIZONTAL L? ANSWER…HORIZONTAL L. Why? Because he can pull his upper arm back FURTHER! WHY PULL BACK FURTHER? IT GIVES THE ATHLETE AN ABILITY TO INCREASE THE LENGTH OF TIME ONE HAS TO CREATE ACCELERATION! DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE A CORVETTE 1/4 MILE IN LENGTH OR A 1/2 A MILE? WILL THE CORVETTE BE FASTER AFTER 1320 FEET OR 2640 FEET? NO BRAINER! OF COURSE AFTER 2640 FEET. SO PULL YOUR UPPER ARM BACK! DON'T THROW LIKE A GIRL!

  30. This is awful information!!!! Please follow Wasserman Strength and High Level Throwing®️ To learn how to throw properly. Maybe he can teach you a thing or 2. Ugh!!!

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