How to Pitch a Baseball : Breaking Ball Baseball Pitch Demonstration

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to teach you pitching.
Putting what I call my power finger, my middle finger, and I go into 2-seam, so I put that
power finger right against the 2-seam lace and put my pointer finger right up beside
it. My power now puts up the lace so I have something strong to grip against, and then
other finger sits in. It’s not too light. I’ve seen some guys do this, but I keep my
fingers in tight on the ball just like I do my 2-seam fastball. My thumb stays directly
underneath. If you notice as we go through this, that
arm speed stays the same. You want to make sure that we’re going through this at the
same velocity, so there should be anywhere from. If you get a 10 mile split between your
fastball and your breaking ball, that’s probably the most desirable. The slower it gets the
easier it is to read and better hitters to react to.

62 thoughts on “How to Pitch a Baseball : Breaking Ball Baseball Pitch Demonstration

  1. I agree, throwing a 2 seem curveball? Any curve ball artist knows the presser point is in the middle of one of the 4 seems. Unsimply put, if you follow the seem he puts his middle finger on 1.3 inches you'll find it.

  2. opps I watched it again, follow the seem .75 inches on the middle finger forward and make the middle of the 4 seems curve.

  3. this dude is horrible… this is one of the worst curveballs i've ever seen from a pitching instructor. He should lose his job.

  4. hey it's moving. What he's throwing is a little more like a slurve with the two seams working. A loopy curve can break a little better when thrown hard, or arc much more than what he's throwing if thrown towards the batters head low to mid speed.

  5. u obviously never played baseball. if you throw an 80 mph curveball your fastball is in the mid 90's. bobby if your curveball is near 80, how is your fastball only 5 mph faster? make sure you know what you are talking about next time before you post something that makes you look stupid.

  6. Before watching this I thought it was only the speed of the pitch…but I don't see any difference with what he's throwing

  7. ther are quite a few of different pitches that break. for instance a 12-6 rotation curve doesnt have a dot visible to the batter. it all depends on the rotation

  8. yeah im sayin like if you throw a bad curve there is gonna be a large dot…you dont want to have a dot because then the batter knows what your throwin..but sometimes there is a small dot

  9. im aware of this. i play high school ball. and i pitch. iv seen my fare share of good and bad breaking balls

  10. It's breaking but it's a sharp break so it's hard to tell but when you're hitting against a sharp breaking ball because it will strike you out lol

  11. its a nice pitch and almost everyone he threw did its job, it either was off the plate and broke inside corner or was outside and broke off the plate a breaking pitch should NEVER be hit if its hit u threw it wrong its designed to get someone to look or to chase if they hit it ur location was bad

  12. Looks like he's throwing a little side-armed. Should really be bringing the arm/hand over the sholder more. Basically put top-spin on the ball and it will break more.

  13. thats because you lob it out there remember its not the amount of break its the sharpness that makes it a good or bad pitch

  14. If you were actually able to pitch a breaking ball, that catcher would be wearing shin guards because the break would be so nasty that he would be afraid of taking one off the shins.

  15. i agree i wasn't the best breaking ball but it gave me the picture on the whole breaking ball thing

  16. Dammit expertvillage I am trying to do research on how to really throw a pitch not this… you have WAY TOO MANY VIDEOS SPAMMED INTO YOUTUBE and I can't fine any videos to help me get an actual good grade on my PE presentation.. ATLEAST MAKE THE VIDEO EASILY VISIBLE

  17. anyone who reads this-this isnt recommended for anybody under the age of 14-15, because you can really hurt your arm. Even as a highschool pitcher, I rarely throw breaking balls because too many will kill your arm

  18. @laz3rb33m that's not true if you throw it with the correct mechanics it does nothing to your arm it is all about grip and pulling down with your arm and getting on top of the ball NOR around and twisting your arm which is how you hurt your elbow because it applies strain to the tendon and ulnar nerve in the elbow but once you have correct mechanics you will be fine.

  19. @slickbaseballer07 to be fair, he never said "throw side arm like i do." everyone has their own style. And he's not even a true side arm, more hybrid. I know your point, but come on…

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