How to Pitch a Baseball : Full Wind Up for Baseball Pitching

Hi! My name is Mike Lumley. On behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to teach you pitching. We still want to make sure that our upper body
and lower body still work together. We’re going to start on the rubber. For right-hander
the right side, left hander left side, is to make sure that we’re slightly on an angle
to start. We don’t want to start too squared up, because as we do this if we step straight
back we’re going to get a little bit of a….and you can see how my body’s starting to work
or not work right now. I have to start to swing my leg to get around my pivot. What
I want to do here is start slightly on an angle and have small direct steps. You’re
going to in another key here, especially when we get older, is to keep our glove pointed
in towards selves. As we get older, if we start to move and keep our glove open, third
base coach can see our grips on our ball and can start to relay signs. We’re going to keep
closed here, small steps. Our glove step is going to be out, but only as far as the edge
of the rubber. The farther we go out this way, the farther that we’re going to create
ourselves coming back the other way and cause bad balance. We’re here, small step, foot
in so it’s squared in, up, down, and throw. Slight angle, ball starts at our chest, small
step to our left, pivot in, up, down, throw. As you see if we’d done the work ahead of
time that the chest still finishes out in front of our knee. We still get the tuck and
we still get that backside rotation out of leg, which at times we call the inverted L.
Start, small step, pivot in, up, down, throw.

100 thoughts on “How to Pitch a Baseball : Full Wind Up for Baseball Pitching

  1. you can critique this video how you like but everyone who's played ball long enough knows that everyone's windup is different. Not everyone is going to pitch comfortably and as effectively the same way.

  2. u shouldnt be stpping to the side because 1 its a bock as odesha said and 2 stepping back creates momentem towards the plate but this vid still helped

  3. Something I noticed is when you are at first balance point your toe down,relaxe, because a loose muscle is faster then a tight one.

  4. A lot of good stuff on youtube. I just checked out a trailer called The Keys to Learning Movement. I've seen this instructor and he's awesome. He also has a eye-hand coordination demonstration that's unbelievable. DVD is coming out spring 2010. Search The Keys to Learning Movement.

  5. nice! I've pitched for years and am still learning from beginner videos. I'm talking about taking a very small step instead of a bigger one. Thanks for the vid.

  6. actually you want to step back, not to the side, steping back creates momentum towards the plate, steping to the side creates momentum towards third base, how does that help? if you step to the side thats just movement that hurts you, it creates no gain, you might as well just pitch from the stretch.

  7. @rmroz91 actually it does, yyou step back and then you come forward, creating momentum, towards the plate, so actually it does.

  8. @marshalloo22 No its not the worst advice you have heard its the truth. I played pro ball for a number of years both as a pitcher and catcher so I know whats going on. Does CC or Halladay or Price think about driving off there back leg when they pitch I think not. They plant so they and rotate and not leave there arms behind to get there arm and body working together oh yeah I guess they are all #1 on a playoff team but your right lets drive off our back leg so we can throw like gargabe

  9. @coffeescup you need to teach your son how to throw a fastball and a change up for strikes…mastery of these two pitches is essential for a young baseball player and it requires a lot of practice. the changeup needs to be throw with the same arm speed as his fastball for maximum is very difficult for hitters to see the difference between his fastball (max effort pitch) and changeup (8-10 mph slower than fastball) good luck!

  10. no load is right as cotton 3100 claims..when he brings his knee up he should try to "feel" some kind of load ..maybe he brings it up more towards his rear shoulder..whatever BUT he needs to create a load that creates lower body torque,just bringing your left knee up and falling towards home isNOt an ELITE move.he needs to show his left ass pocket to the hitter while feeling the load in his rear leg and hip.I also like to keep head in line with the plate during wind up not sidestep..sum good stuf

  11. You threw the ball with an inverted v that leads to elbow injuries. I don't recommend teaching beginners how to pitch when you don't have the correct mechanics. Also you landed heal toe! Very bad. You need to land toe heal!

  12. @rmroz91 yea you do, when you step back you have to bring yourself forward, creating momentum towards the plate, step to the side and your leg comes from the first base side of the mound to the third base side(assuming youre a righty) creating horizontal momentum.

  13. @diekokocool he doesnt have an inverted v? and landing heel toe is just fine, alot of major leaguers do it, this guy, lincecum included.

  14. @rmroz91 so when you walk and your legs carry you forward youre saying that your butt's doing it? not quite.

  15. dude im 12 years old and u r the fucking man i sware to you i used to pitch 64 with a pretty crappy form when i tried this my last game i went up a mile an hour nbd but i kept practicing and practicing and when i forgot to do the right pivot and did it i threw 72 mph o.0

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  17. 2 things to increase velo… when he llifts his leg he does notttt get his hips going first he is straight up, u lose all torque from ur hips by doing that,, secondly stop it at 1:40 and ull notice his forearm and humerus are angled like this __ this is very wrong for when he starts to rotate forward it puts stress on the arm, the best pitching mechanics scientifically proven belong to roger clemens. find a picture of him in the same position as 1:40 and ull c what im talking about

  18. Sounds like you weren't pronating, therefore your rotator cuff was impinged. The rotator cuff is what rotates the shoulder inward; it's not used for power

  19. Best way to learn is get an understanding of bio-mechanics as related to propelling a baseball, tennis serve etc. Make use of the whole body, not just the arm… easy power… that's what makes a player smooth.

  20. Actually his hips, shoulders are rotated & decelerated before the arm starts forward, so in fact he is rotating in proper sequence. That puts the shoulder under stretch, and a stretched muscle provides sling-shot power, easy and natural. If anything the __ angle should be 180 degrees… and if he had a quicker deceleration of the shoulder he might have gained MPH and maybe made the majors instead of just AAA. Re Clemens, I think the angle was too lose to 90 degrees. Not that flexible, I guess,

  21. damn i havent seen anybody with this technique to throw the rock from the hill in years. he is the next great one. i bet he is a 5 star bag runner too

  22. That helped me I watched this last and I pitched fine but I forgot how I did it and I found this thank god and my game is in 4 days

  23. my son is learning to pitch now, (9 years old) why do you lift the leg then just drop the leg? I always assumed it was for momentum that can be transferred to the pitch however just lifting and dropping seems wasted as no forward motion is created and therefore cant be transferred. please explain.

  24. It's part of your throwing motion. Even regular position players use their legs, but they're in constant motion so it's difficult to tell. As you move your leg up your body moves into throwing position and powers up, so to speak, and as you move back down the leg carries the rest of your body towards the plate as you release. You were right, but the leg motion is more of a step then a "lift and drop".

  25. Left Leg down before drive, will kill shoulder. Leg up and drive ahead, just like Nolan Ryan. If Nolan saw you he would be very disappointed. You are putting 100% strain on shoulder.

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