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  1. this guys he said first i said no one gives a fuck about you're comment and i said obviously you care seeing that you took the time to reply

  2. Let me point out the flaw in this video…. I am currently a collegiate Pitcher and my father played in the Big Leagues for 7 seasons. The wrist turn that is shown in the video by the pitcher is what you do to throw a CURVEBALL. You DO NOT turn your wrist like that when throwing a slider. A slider will not have that kind of rolling depth as seen when the pitcher demonstrated his "Slider". Not right, look elsewhere to find the correct way to throw a slider.

  3. learn what you're talking about before trying to teach these pitches. that is a curve ball grip and a curve ball arm action/slot. not a slider in any way, shape or form. **THIS VIDEO SHOULD NOT BE REFERENCED WHEN TRYING TO LEARN A SLIDED**

  4. Please don't misunderstand my opinion as being rude, but this pitch your depicting in the video is gripped and thrown like a curve rather than a slider. I'm aware a slider can be gripped different ways, but I've seen mostly pitchers who prefer to grip a slider by placing middle finger across the loop, rather than the long seam. At the time of release, the wrist should be turned 3/4 in toward the pitchers ear (100 percent for a curve) with the wrist remaining stiff to the follow through. The goal is to put an equatorial spin (or a side spin) on the ball which will allow it to move sideways then down. This demo just seems to have too much movment for a slider, and too little velocity. Just one mans opinion.

  5. I learned the slider after hearing joe garagiola and tony kubek on the game of the week around 1978. It changed my life. I was a good pitcher but after I tried what they said, I struck out 10 guys almost every game for over a decade. Forget the grip even the pros use. I grew up with guidry and carlton, even used their motions over the years. Very very simple, throw it like a football, overtop, with a STIFF wrist. I actually iiked the 2 seam grip, like you throw a tailing fastball, i also used the 4 seam grip, not the horeshoe the other one. Guarantee the first time you throw it you will fall in love with it. Make sure you throw it overtop, the more side arm it will slurve.

  6. Little leaguers, everyone has a different pitch limit. Throw until you are tired and then you're done for the day. Some guys throw 50 hard ones and are done, you may be able to pace yourself and be able to do 125-150 pitches. If you throw batting practice, you might throw 100 pitches half speed, whatever it is always do what your arm tells you to do. I'm old school from the 1970's and 80's. I always threw a complete game, most or the time throwing 125 pitches, I would ice my arm in crushed ice or of big bowl of ice for 25 minutes, the arm will not be able to throw the next day, very sore, 2nd day still not ready to throw, 3 rd day i still wouldn't throw but you could lob 20-30, and by the 5 th day full strength. If you pitch on the 4th day don't throw 3rd day at all.

  7. I want to play baseball but i had no ball and gloves and a bat

    I want also to be a pitcher

    Btw roger

    What if i pitch 4 ball then my arms hurt so much that i cant take it anynore is there any effect in my pitches

  8. This is a horrible way to attempt to throw a pitch. Twisting your wrist like that will lead to elbow trouble. When you throw a pitch, upon release, the wrist turns inward (pronation) which allows the elbow to bend downward and alleviates the stress/pressure associated with throwing a baseball; this allows the larger muscles in the rear shoulder/back, to take pressure off the arm and bear the brunt of the work of deceleration. Turning the wrist the opposite direction (supination), as the video instructs, delays this important action and will put a lot of stress on the elbow and lead to injury.

    Not to mention it will result in a substandard slider.

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