How to Play Badminton : Drop Shot in Badminton

Hi my name is Bryan; welcome back to
Now we are going to go back with our footwork in a proper position of receiving a drop shot.
First off we are going to start of again with the shoulders level to the legs in a base
position with the racket out. If you notice I’m going to move my left foot forward towards
the net. Move my right foot in lunging the net. Forward. Keep in mind eye level needs
to be maintained when hitting a shuttlecock towards the net. Rule of thumb: if you get
the bird here that would be to late in receiving a drop shot. In needs to be in a eye level
always. In one important rule is the lunging. This would be the most important thing in
receiving a drop shot. You would not take a drop shot with the opposite foot or a flat
footed that way. Needs to be heels up. The left foot needs to be slanted to the ground.

85 thoughts on “How to Play Badminton : Drop Shot in Badminton

  1. his technique is dreadful, movement and racket carriage, he has no balance, bur he was riht about the feet 🙂

  2. omg that is'nt a drop shot that is a net shot. Drop-shots you play at rear courght and your racket and yur arm need to be vertical so that the shuttle drops dow next to the net.

  3. lol, i think his balance is just different because of his momentum.

    i know a guy who might be better than this guy and is twice as large. 1st place some filipino tournament he told me.

  4. Oh wow you're 14 and playing for 2 years and you can do better. Just awesome…really. Anyway, I think this is probably for more beginner type folk who want to learn some basics.

    I think you should try out for the olympic team soon with your level of talent. Maybe you could even train the guy in this video, I'm sure he sucks compared to you.

  5. I don't think there have to be strikt rules for playing, The most important thing is to keep being flexible and fast and of course you always have to focus on the middle of the field … then you only have to get the birdie somewhere, where noone is standing in the opposite field.

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  8. stop hating, people like you annoy the shit outta me, they try to act like a freakin know-it-all on youtube when your probably don't know shit. i feel sorry for you.

  9. @ZTATION You clearly know what smart is you can't even spell practice and btw i have been to a P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E before and by the looks you havn't, if you had you woudn't be disagreeing………fag 😀

  10. this is called NET SHOT not a DROP SHOT, that at first. and also you play it badly with your feet. notice a game of peter gade or viktor axelsen, how they play this. when you hit a shuttle by the net, you go bouncing back from the right foot, right? and they use another footwork, the technique pushing forward also the left foot, which use as a help to move backwards, the they switch legs, then the right foot back, and only then the left foot back.

  11. The footwork is correct. But it is not call dropshot. It is called netting.
    Dropshot is doing an forehand/backhand overarm and the shuttle will drop near the net. It is like netting but from behind if the court

  12. @vicko77,idiot.cant you hear he said receiving drop shot.,every coach has their own footwork where they wanna start to step either 3 steps or 2,hes showing two but still its call shuffling it still a badminton footwork,.

  13. You're not just showing how to return a drop you are showing how to to do a net, and you're showing what possible shots you could do. You can return a drop shot if it is near the floor, it isn't impossible

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