How to Play Badminton : The Smash Shot in Badminton

Hi my name is Bryan; welcome back to
Now we are going to talk about doing a smash shot. First off it will be the same concept
as we did the basic one, two, three, position. Just like pulling the arrow in a bow. We are
going to start off in a base position. Move back side ways. The left hand serves as a
guide. The right hand which we will aim. Same concept as a volleyball players spike and
a tennis player makes the serve. Where they place out shoulders, push back, target, and
the guide which is the left hand point of contact would be one o’clock. Which is on
top of me. This would be twelve o’clock, and this is one o’clock—the swing will follow
through. In doing the smash, we need wrist action this time. The action of the wrist
which will push the bird towards down the ground. It is smash action. Same position
of the bird which is going to be the smash zone. The sweet spot of the racket. Let me
show you slow one the guide, the swing, the wrist action, and the follow through. Very
important would be the wrist action. If there is no wrist action in doing the smash the
bird is either going to go high or go to a different direction. Wrist action is very
important in doing a smash. Towards down to the ground follow through. Very important
rule so it is a follow through the weight transfer. We get power on the way transfer.
Not everything on the arm.

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  1. this video didn't help. Your not even gripping the racket correct. Your doing the pan handle grip. Also you never have a strait arm when you smash or else you'll just miss by a mile

  2. haha i see no real weight transfer during your smash because your right leg does not move forward or lift off the ground, you compensate by moving your left leg and hips back, and this will move your weight backwards.

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  4. Its only basic technique ok….perfecting it is another story. Besides….wouldnt it look bad if he hit the net in this video? He has to slow it down for beginners to follow

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    4.go to comments
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  6. since he could have done more takes of his demo, this shite smash is probably the best he can do. he uses too much elbow anyway. and he doesnt talk about racket grip, which is essential

  7. YOUR NOT supose to have ANY WRIST action when u smash it takes all the power away for it. and they say this is "EXPERT VILLAGE????????"

  8. Don't be ridiculous. A powerful smash REQUIRES wrist action.

    Not that I'm rooting for the guy; his technique isn't that great. =.=

  9. yeah but when u use ur full body motion to bring out the power its the snap of the wrist to give the angle to the shuttle. both of u are right =]

  10. a strong wrist action results in the level of power in the smash …. if both players have the right technique, the one with greater wrist action , will smash hardest … besides in badminton.. u often get positioned in a way that u cannot use the whole body and still want to deal out a hard smash.. therefore the key in smashes often lies in the wrist action :>

  11. Jumping as you smash gives you more downward angle. Harder to return. also, The angle you twist your wrist down towards whilst smashing will give you extreme angled smashes which are almost impossible to return.

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    4.go to comments
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  13. holy fuck that slow motion makes him look like a jiggling blob. Maybe you shouldn't teach you're crappy angled smashes…

  14. its easy to smash when have the right time, angle and power… I prefer to jump even a bit so that the shuttle would land properly..

  15. Basically in badminton when doing a smash shot u just want it to just reach over the net not too high as this will make it harder for the person to return the shot as it is lower.

  16. I love playing badminton, but I find when I'm playing people they do a smash and I can never swing my arm round quick enough so I can do an under-arm return 🙁

  17. just saying, could even be replicas. i mean, apacs racquets and shoes look on video the same as yonex. but anyway if he is a coach then they invest in yonex brands because its worth the money to look professional for respect

  18. Most of the shots he has shown were out, I believe hahahaha…. Great techniques for seven-year-old children who have no ideas of what badminton is!

  19. i dont think this video is good, but wrist is actually important to make shuttle go down..since i got shoulder injury, i start to use wrist more, n its work

    if theres any other smash technique, without using wrist,can anyone pls upload

  20. Can't wait to beat you so I can show you how INEFFECTIVE your smash video is.

    Seriously, where is the angle in your "smash?"

  21. @blazemxee i suggest not locking ur wrist or else u'll injure ur shoulder trying to make the shot steeper, or maybe your wrist cause some might not be strong enough 😀

  22. @Latezk1 smashes are the deadliest shots in the world class level, even if its at the baseline, if an opponent manages to deliver a full smash(not half-smash) it would almost certainly kill

  23. Unfortunately there is a lot of misconception surrounding the techniques involved in badminton. I would attribute this to coaches and commentators saying that a power shot involves a wrist action, which isn't technically correct. When someone hears wrist action, they believe that they need to snap their wrist down in order to generate power. This results in less power and deception.

    Here's a good video that breaks down the steps in finer detail:

  24. wow very bad smash demonstration at the end, he doesnt even transfer his body for more power in the smash…

  25. The left hand does not fucking aim. Its there for balance. 149 likes, 102 dislikes says alot… 149 people clearly don't know how to play badminton.

  26. If you make your upcoming videos in 720p or 1080p its gone be awsome atleast make it 500p like that . I like your videos very much it is a good explanation for the batminton smash .

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