How to Play Baseball : Basic Baseball Game Rules

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I’m here
with Today we are going to talk about the game of baseball. Now baseball
is played with two teams with at least 9 players on each team. An average game also lasts 9
innings and the inning is broken up into halves, and the halves are called the top of the inning
and bottom of the inning. Now the top of the inning is for the visiting team to bat, and
the bottom of the inning is for the home team to bat. Now each inning has 6 outs; 3 belong
to the home team and 3 belong to the visiting team, and at the end of the day the team that
wins is the one that scores the most runs after recording 27 outs. Now while the game
is being played, you always have 1 team with only 9 players on the field defending and
the other team with only 1 hitter at bat. As the game progresses, you tally up the run
score in each inning and at the end of 9 inning, the team with the most runs wins. This is
a brief overview of the game of baseball.

13 thoughts on “How to Play Baseball : Basic Baseball Game Rules

  1. some common sense is needed here: the baseball rules videos need to be numbered so people who know nothing about baseball (like me) can start from the begining and not get lost in the third or forth video. I tried and could not follow….

    thank you for the effort anyway

  2. thanks…its actually quite similar to cricket… i live in england and usually watch cricket matches..thanks for the info!

  3. this blows…someone who has never seen a baseball game wouldn't know wtf a shortstop or second baseman is..nor would they know what "run to first" means.

  4. i want to love baseball so muh i love the atmosphere the hotdogs the thrill and all but could someone explain to me the basic rules god i hate that no the game the fact that someone never explains it s i m p l y!!!!

  5. i never played or watched baseball cuz im from europe, but i want 2 learn just the basic rules. srry i didnt learn much from this vid.

  6. @TheGermanPuma its actually a bit more than only hitting and catching the ball, you could also say that football is nothing more than scoring goals. The rules are actually bit more complicated, penalties, techniques, etc. I think that even in Baseball, there are rules that you dont know 😉 Fantastic sport anyhow, though this video isnt really helpful… :/

  7. I'm a die hard Basketball fan, the only reason why I want to learn the game of baseball is because of MLB The Show 12

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