How to Play Baseball : How to Catch & Field a Ground Ball in Baseball

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I am here
with Now we are going to get in some ground ball. Now it is important
to remember the more often or not, the ball is not going to come up and hit you on the
face. So always remember to stay down on the ball. Now let’s get into the technique. Now
when you are getting ready to field the ground ball, you never want to bend at your waist
or your back. You want to make sure that you bend your knees and that you butt gets low
to the floor; so you are something like this. Next thing you want to remember is to keep
your glove down on the ground. Remember you don’t want your glove here and then you have
to go down for a ground ball. It is always better to have it low and have to come up
with it. Next thing your throwing hand. You always want to make sure you have it close
to your glove. So say a ground ball is coming in like this. As soon as a ball gets into
your glove, you want to make sure your hand is somewhere around right here. That way you
are ready to reach in there and pull the ball out, and you are able to set your feet and
throw. Also you don’t want the ball to come too close into your body. Otherwise the ball
is just going to eat you up and you are going to have a harder time throwing the ball. So
as soon as the ball gets to about right here, if you can, go after the ball and get this
little scoop action going. Remember to keep it throwing hand close. That way you can go
after it, and you are going to have an easier time making a throw. So as the ball gets to
about right here, you kind of go scoop out for it and then with your throwing hand reach
into the glove, set your feet and throw and that’s how you catch a ground ball.

18 thoughts on “How to Play Baseball : How to Catch & Field a Ground Ball in Baseball

  1. you dont ride the ball in haha thats bad bad bad. you'll get eaten up everytime. you field the ball out in front. what happens when the ball stays down and you and doesnt bounce up to you can ride it into your chest? thats when errors happen.

  2. DO NOT READ! A little over 20years ago a 12 year old boy was playing with his basketball in the street on Acto Street, NJ. Some teenagers who were drag racing on motorcycles weren't paying attention and ran him over and killed him. it is said that if you go on Acto Street, turn off your car, and blink your headlights 3 times you will see the figure of him bouncing the ball.

  3. @blaikejones10 the point of telling people that they arent going to be hit in the face is to keep them down, its simply a coaching technique. as with your other argument about bring the ball to your stomach i completely agree.

  4. He is wrong about a few fundamentals. You don't want to "scoop" the ball. His wrist needs to be higher when receiving the ball. And you need to bring the ball toward your belt after catching it and then move up into throwing position. Plus he is flat footed, which is not an athletic position.

  5. Today some dude beamed a line drive to my leg, everyone thought it was an amazing catch but to me it felt like it was coming in slow mo. I feel different in a game.

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