How to Play Baseball : How to Run the Bases in Baseball

Hello! My name is Adrian Arceo and I’m here
with Now we are going to get a little in some base running. Now when
you run from home to first, you got to remember that you are starting off from your batting
stance. So let’s pretend I hit the ball. Bam! As soon as you hit the ball, you have to let
go of the bat. You cannot run with it down to first base with you. Now when it comes
to running to first base, what it is it is just a straight sprint; and remember when
it comes to first base, you are allowed to run through the bag, meaning you don’t have
to stand there once you get to it. The only thing you got to keep in mind is that as soon
as you hit the bag, you want to veer off to your right. That is because if the umpire
suspects you of making a move towards second base, the defense can then make a play on
you and you can be called out.
Now first you got to remember to always be touching the bag. That is because if you are
caught off the bag the pitcher or any other fielder can actually throw to the first baseman
and get you out. Now as you are taking your lead, you always want to make sure to start
off with your left foot ahead and your right foot still touching the bag. Once the pitcher
comes set with the ball, you want to kind of shift your feet quickly and then take two
steps each time. Your first step is with your leg closest to home to the first base. You
got to make sure to keep watching the ball, even if the catcher has it. That’s because
he can also throw to first base and get you out. As soon as he gets the ball, you want
to start making your way back to first base, and stand on the bag again, and wait for the
pitcher to set up again, and then you can take and lead. Now suppose there is a hit.
If you want to sprint down to second base; you have to make sure you stay on that base.
From here on in, if you are not touching a bag, you can be tagged out. Now over here
at second base, the lead is almost exactly like the one you would take at first. The
only difference is the lead is going to be a little bit longer, and you have to watch
out for the second baseman as well as for the shortstop. You take your primary lead,
which is about two steps. Only this time in your secondary lead, you can take two bigger
hops going towards third. Again, you got to watch out for the ball, for the catcher because
he can throw back to second base and get you out. So as soon as you see the catcher throw
the ball back to the pitcher, you want to start making your way back to second base.
Now your lead at third base, is similar to the lead you take at first and second. When
the pitcher has the ball, you still have one foot on the bag and you have pretty much the
same primary lead. The only difference is you want to make sure you are in foul territory.
So make sure you are on the outside of the foul line. That is because if a ball gets
hit your way and you get hit with it, you won’t be considered out because you are in
foul territory. Once you are here, your secondary lead is not going to be too hot. It is going
to be actually a couple of steps directing your body towards home plate.

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  1. @sun2devil It really depends on the league and age level. Generally you can't lead off until a certain age level. In the league I played for, it was called Juniors which was roughly 13-15

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