How to Play Cricket Back Foot on Drive Examples in Nets

Hi Guys Jemile of The Cricket School here All we are doing in this video is Giving you some examples of good back foot on drives as opposed to playing a pull shot early on in your
innings i recommend that you play back foot drives that way your keeping your bat nice and vertical and if the ball keeps low off the wicket or bounces up you can control
thee shot and control the outcome of the shot a lot better so copy these shots go and go shadow bat
them and a tutorial will follow real soon and if i have made that tutorial – what you will
see is a link in the end to that tutorial please remember guys to like the video and also feel free to leave comments in the
comments section of tutorials or areas of interest that would like us to cover Thanks for watching

7 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket Back Foot on Drive Examples in Nets

  1. I would love to see a video on the front foot on drive, normally when I go to play the shot, it ends up going through the off side. I have a lot of good coaches and nothing seems to help! NEED HELP, got a big rep game on Sunday! thanks guys. 

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