How to Play Cricket : Cricket Ball Holding & Bowling Technique

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to hold a cricket ball and bowling action. This
is what a cricket ball looks like. This cricket ball is a leather ball. This one is red in
color. But we also have another ball which is whitish in color. Now the red ball, the
leather ball, is typically used in disk matches, which is a five day match format. And the
white ball we are generally seeing this more becoming for use in one day cricket matches
and twenty-twenty cricket. Both these balls as you see, as you notice, these are two piece
balls. You see a piece here, and a piece here which is being joined together by the threads
here. And this you can notice in both the leather balls. Typically, or rather I should
say we use only the leather balls in the cricket format at the international level. Though
for domestic or for other cricket, you may also have other versions of the ball, which
is like a tennis ball maybe or a rubber ball. But for international cricket, these are the
kind of balls we use. Let’s go to the bowling stance. Let me tell you something about the
pitch. From the bowling area to the batting area, it’s a twenty-two feet distance. This
twenty-two feet distance is known as a pitch. So you bowl from the bowling stumps. These
area the stumps. So these three together, collectively, are known as stumps. You have
stumps at the batting end, and you also have stumps at the bowling end. And as I told you
earlier, the distance between these two sets of stumps is twenty-two feet. So let’s assume
this is the bowling end and I would show you how to have a bowling stance and a bowling
action. Now for bowling, you need to have a run up. Now this run up would vary, depending
upon whether you want to bowl a spin ball or you want to have a fast ball. We will come
to fast and spin ball at a later state. Let me first show you how a bowler at a, I would
say a decent about eight to ten feet run up, bowl a delivery. So let’s see here. Now this
is how a bowler comes and his, what you notice here is that his hands here are perpendicular
to his shoulder. This is actually facing the batsman there, and this is a very critical
stance. The head is straight. You need to keep your head straight. There should not
be any head movement here. As you would notice, his feet, his left feet would be going forward.
There is a crease which is about three feet from the stumps. His left foot, assuming he
is a right hand bowler, his left foot would be in this crease, his right foot would be
behind and then his arm slowly and gradually comes like this and then there’s a follow
through action, which is like this. So the ball actually kind of goes like this. And
then he walks away out of the crease. Now let’s see how the ball is bowled at real time.
Now this is how it looks like at real time.

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  1. ahah this man doesnt know a thing about cricket quote this is a white ball sometimes used in one day games

    you dont use leather in domestic one day games

  2. Distance between one stamp to other is 22 feet? Na Aaa, I thought it was more. Come on some one tell the the right one.

  3. hahahahahaha…ehat the fuck is all about…whois the fucking author for these shit clips…ass o…dont teach ur father how to fuck…

  4. If you are playing cricket, then you must definitely know the difference between a feet and a yard………

  5. They use red balls in Test matches, white balls are used in One Day Internationals, Because if you used a white ball in Test cricket it would blend in with the field and make it harder to see.

  6. Yank? is that supposed to be an insult? I was just asking a question. didn't mean "shit" as in crappy, i meant just who plays this sport. I have never seen anyone play it.

  7. @JoshMufc101 Agreed. Most Americans believe that they are "gods gift" to the world. But in truth they are morons. And dont forget Australia. There is another few million who play cricket.

  8. its funny how people get angry when you dont respect their favorite sport….
    hockey is the best sport in my opinion so why should i care what everyone else thinks of it! i think baseball is horribly boring… so the fuck what?…..oh and the most played (and watched) sport in the world is football (soccer for americans) not hockey, basketball, us football etc

  9. baseball and basketball are played in USA, Canada, Japan and China. Basketball also a little bit in Europe. They're american games for americans. WHY ARE AMERICANS WATCHING A BRITISH SPORT VIDEO ONLY SO THEY CAN ARGUE ABOUT IT!!!???

  10. Bro,,, international matches consume 4piece balls and not 2piece,,,,,make a note of it…please….don't spread incorrect info…

  11. Hey I am American but I respect everyone. I looked this up since I want to know about other countries sports and i heard cricket was awesome.

  12. ,lolz..bhavgaan ki maa kichutt..saly indians ball to ker nahi sakty just tips de sakte hen..other wise 120 kph k baller hen sab..

  13. @TheRadiationZoneXL next time you will see me playing for the pakistan cricket team i will make them win if thats the last thing i do

  14. @goalsaravanan my to i like cricket as well and i have a real cricket ball i have the red ball but not the white

  15. Id love to try cricket but I live in Canada. I mean obviously we have cricket here but no white people play unless theyre british or afrikaner expats,otherwise its just all indian or pakistani.

  16. I am ZImbabwean 18 and have lived all over the world and I currently live in Canada …I love cricket along with soccer and I love to play it …sadly not a lot of people play cricket here!!

  17. I got my first game of cricket today. I have never played it or even know how. I played college baseball as a pitcher and can throw 90mph+, and better than most at hitting and catching because also played 3rd in hs when not pitching. I looked up cricket in stl, and found stl cricket league. Went on website and everyone was indian, lol. I called a couple and say I wanted to play. A guy said his team was short one man today and if I could make it. Watch me dominate.

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