How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Front Foot Defense Shot in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I am going to tell you how to defend a ball on front foot. A front foot
defense shot is taken on the front foot so come on the front foot and bring it back,
let me show you how this happens. This is the typical stance we have that will play
the shot, your front foot moves out in the line of the ball and your bat comes parallel
to your foot. Make sure there is no distance between the bat and your leg so that the ball
does not pass through your knees, and your knees are absolutely straight and in line
with the ball. This is how you would play a forward defense shot. Let?s see a sample

39 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bat a Front Foot Defense Shot in Cricket

  1. Congratulations Exfart Village, this is the worst demo i've seen on youtube.

    But seriously guys if you want quality coaching head over to my channel and also my website on the channel..regards J

  2. so a front foot shot is played on the front foot….well i always thought a front foot shot was played on the back foot…….geez thanks mate

  3. there is no balance as well the toe positioning of the foot which should remain inside the crease.& Also There Is no proper Backlift

  4. Leaning too far forward, hence the overbalance.
    and a slight gap between the leg and the bat is ok as long as the bat remains parallel, this helps to cut down on lbw.

  5. Haha this guys batting technique is epic.

    His back lift angles towards point, causing him to almost play across the line. His footwork is so bad he loses balance and nearly falls over.

    These videos are so funny.

  6. this is the way how not to play a front foot show and a extreme video to be watched in caution…i appreciate your interest but guys please watch u r self …take care all …watching this vedio.

  7. He hides the bat behind the pad. And the sample shot is poor. If you want to learn how to play the front foot defense check out Sachin or Dravid playing the shot.

  8. if youre just starting off as a youtube coach i would suggest look at some videos first and then apply to yourself and ask for advice from others. please do consider lbw is out which means if the ball hits the pad before bat its OUT

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