How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Shot Pitch Delivery in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to show you how to bowl a shot pitch delivery. Let’s begin. A
shot pitch delivery is the one which lands quite far from the batsman. This is a delivery
which typically lands about eight to twelve feet away from the batting stumps. To bowl
this delivery, again, use your index finger and keep it between the two halves here on
the threads, and the middle finger is right beside this. Your thumb comes here. Though
people somehow also may have a different action than you and also want to hold it from here,
but typical action is like this. Since it’s a fast bowler’s delivery, typically, but it
can even have a slow bowler bowling that one, after having a decent run up you bowl this
delivery. And let me show you how it looks like on the pitch when this is being bowled,
where it lands up and to what height it goes to the batsman. Let’s see this. Now I’m bowling
this delivery from here which is the bowling end, and I bowl this. Now this ball, you would
typically see hitting just about half of the pitch almost here. Now as you may notice,
the place it lands is about eight to nine feet away from the stumps. Now this is a shot
pitch delivery which is quite a distance away from the batsman. And after having a bounce
here it slowly rises and let’s you know to what height it would reach the batsman. Now
this typically would come above the waist level, between the waist level and the chest.
So this is where it would hit the batsman. Now this is typically a defensive shot, where
we have a stance here, which is more towards the chest, so this ball can be easily hit.
It can be pulled toward the lakeside. All the ball is here, it is easier for the batsman
to cut it towards the off side.

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