How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Yorker in Cricket

Hi this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I am going to tell you how to bowl a Yorker. Let’s begin. Yorker is another
tool specifically for the fast bowlers. Notice also sometimes used by the spin bowlers. A
Yorker is a delivery which lands very close to the stumps in fact on the foot. The way
to hold the ball is very straight forward. You keep your index finger between these two
ends these two halves of the ball. Then the other finger close to it and your thumb is
on the other side. This is how you hold the ball. Let me show you how the Yorker comes
and hits the stumps or comes from the other bowling area. Let show you this is the batting
stumps and here we have a batsman. Now Yorker is a delivery which would typically land in
this area. So it is very close to the stumps. About I would say 1/2 foot to about 2 feet.
So this is the area between the legs to the stumps. This is where the Yorker would typically
land and then go towards the stumps. A Yorker typically gets the batsman in trouble since
the ball is coming very fast and very quickly towards his legs or the stumps there is a
good chance if he misses the ball might end up in the stumps or it could be a case of
LBW which means leg before wicket where in the ball hits the batsman leg first which
would right which would be basically cover the stumps and that is given as a note. Let
me show you by example how the ball would go and how the batsman generally reacts to
such a ball.

99 thoughts on “How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl a Yorker in Cricket

  1. I don't know my mom used to drink at the sticky wicket…I figured it might be something to learn in case were marooned on Fantasy Island and Gilligans Island. How about that Harry Potter game. I resurrected or invented bicycle polo…if really bored.

  2. Both Cricket and Baseball are amazingly excellent sports in so many ways for both the players and the audience. Saying one sport is better than the other is not even worth thinking about. It's ridiculous to compare sports that consist of different and varying goals/objectives..if you can't say anything useful then don't say anything at all, even if it is your opinion at times.

  3. How easy is it to hit when its coming at your head at 100mph might i also remind you helmets in cricket have only been worn by batsmen in the late 80s early 90s so its a real ''girls game''

  4. so
    what are u trying to say?
    that just cos the game was invented in britain britain owns it?
    u do know england is NOT the best cricketing side in the world
    so your comment is just pointing out englands ability to fail in every game they "invented" eg football,cricket tennis,rugby

  5. you have to move your feet in cricket. In baseball, you just swing your bat randomly and hope it connects. you have to have more concentration in cricket aswell. YOu have to stand in the field for ages aswell

  6. Harris, a cricketball is harder than a baseball. I have played both sports at clublevel, and while baseball is a lot more explosive than the traditional cricket formats, it is a lot easier to play than cricket.

  7. but if u swing randomly ur not gonna hit the ball… u actually have to move your feet to certain positions and then have good mechanics, or else the ball will only land in the cathers glove.

  8. Again for us Yanks, the fingers on the seams looks like a fast ball grip but it moves like a curve in the air and after it bounces, its a low curve with a cutting motion.

  9. I thought he said on his toes not behind the batsmen at the start of the video??

    And thats a bad way for the batsmen to react!

  10. dude, ur title is wrong.
    correct it the next time u post these rubbish videos.
    chane how to play cricket to how NOT to play cricket

  11. It's misleading. 1)To bowl yorker, u don't ve to have a special grip unlike spinners. 2)Yorker-length which u ve shown is a blunder. It's a block-hole ball /full-toss; not a yorker. Yorker length varies with batsman's stance and is a full length ball. It should pitch exactly underneath the bat's arc when the batsman plays straight . The one you mentioned will become a full-toss when the batsman plays forward.

  12. ?????… I watched this video thinkin I am going to learn how to do the yorker and all I learnt is this guy likes to say typically. I mean come on LBW I am sure every cricket fan knows what that means.

  13. @cdanil completely agree with u mate. Ash- u seem to be a sauve sophisticated guy, however, please do not mislead young aspirants who might be at their formative stage of playing cricket and taking help of the net to horne their basic skills…HOW CAN U GRIP A BALL FOR YORKER???…it#s only through constant practice do u master this skill…nothing else is required…..

  14. sucking video
    didn't learn any ting much
    we shoudn't hold the ball tightly untill the end of the thumb, we should leave 1 finger gap.
    waste of time seeing this video

  15. @cdanil Yes, You are right he is talking about low full toss not about yorker, because a yorker delivery never pitch behind batsman's leg. About grip I will say that there is no exact grip position to bowl a yorker, different bowlers use different grip. But he is also correct about grip (as my grip position is also the same when I bowl yorker), that will give you more control to bowl a yorker with pace and not making bowl to go full toss when trying to bowl fast.

  16. hi ash, dont worry about the negative commets from those idiots who knows it all. I think you did a pretty good job adding all those videos and taking your time to help someone like me. keep it up man…10++ thanks again

  17. The ball he is showing, I'd hit a six on that……. Plus, it be a no ball (free hit) because he bent his arm while bowling!

  18. Nice idea of showing cricketing technique, but I honestly think you'd have more luck with showing batting play. Pace bowling is pretty much innate, if you can't control line and length then no amount of explaining is going to do. Yorkers are all about knowing where the ball is going to pitch. That does not come from the grip.

  19. when you bowl a full toss like that, the batsmen doesnt play all around it. they send it back over your head for a maximum

  20. u dont know anything about cricket that is an in swinger!!!!!
    u bowl a full ball or a yorker across seamed

  21. from my experience I can say, yorker has nothing to do with grip and those who use grips to ball yorker are class apart intl. bowlers like wasim, imraan and waqaar. Now if you want to ball a yorker you can not just get up an bowl it, it needs perfection.

    so budding bowlers, best way is to put a softdrink can instead of middle stump and batsman gets out only when you blow that can with lethal pace.

  22. The best way to bowl a yorker is by trying to pitch the ball on the top of the wicket then it will be under the wicket by radiation. When ever you are practicing bowling, then try to throw the ball on top of the wicket then it will be in the bass of the wicket.

  23. thats y we dont have quality fast bowlers in India. cause some punks like him are teaching fast bowling.

  24. This is stupid bowling he does not no to hold the ball; it become a slower and low full toss;it becomes easy to play the batsman……

  25. Idiot he didn't even know where the ball pitches. He put it behind the batsman so it would be a full tossπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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