How to Play Cricket : How to Bowl Over the Wicket in Cricket

Hi, this is Ash on behalf of Expert Village.
In this clip I’m going to tell you how to bowl over the wicket. For a right hand bowler,
bowling over the wicket means bowling from the left of the stands. Now in this case the
bowler can actually bowl very close to the stands and from very far from the stands,
from the right of the stands. If you’re bowling very close to the stands you can actually
bowl wicket to wicket straight on to the batsman without giving him much of room. But if you’re
bowling from the right of the stands, again over the wicket, you may actually get the
ball to come close to the back man and cut in to the batsman. Let’s see how this bowl
would be done from over the stands when you’re close to the wicket. Now this is an action,
when you are closer to the wicket over the stands. Now let’s also see a bowl which is
done slightly wider. As I said, the wider bowl would be expected to cut into the batsman.
That is the reason you are bowling wide. That was bowling wide from the stands. When you
bowl over the stands to a right hand batsman you would find the ball cutting into the batsman.
Whereas, for a batsman who is left-handed you will see an over the wicket bowling from
a right hand bowler will take the ball away from the batsman.

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