22 thoughts on “How to Play Croquet

  1. ROFL.

    The same thing happened to me a day ago. i guess i aint that good for making jokes that also sound like ur making fun of sum one. hehe

  2. a couple questions..
    1. when roqueting, do the balls just have to be touching, or if they tangent off from each other you can put them back together at the point of contact?
    2. When on the last hole, do you have to go through the wicket and hit the stake in one fluent motion, or can you go through the wickett, then next turn hit the stake?

  3. Thanks for the video. I like how you were able to contribute funny things throughout the video while also being helpful

  4. Im just watiching this because
    1. I like croquet
    2. I like Heathers (the movie and musical, not the reboot)
    3. I want to play too…

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