How to Play Darts : How to Play the Dart Game Cricket

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in Astoria Queens
at the world’s famous Doyle’s Corner and, on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going
to show you how to throw some darts. Alright, first game we’re going to talk about is the
game of Cricket. I’m going to show you first how to mark the board. You want to actually
mark the board as a twenty, a nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, down to C, which stands for cork.
Each player will, the game will start, the man will come up to the toe line which, by
my friend Joe from England tells me is also, or really, is called the oche. You step up
to the oche. A person will throw for the cork. Closest to the cork will usually go first.
After that happens, a player will try to throw three darts. Never, in any of the games, do
you ever have more than three darts thrown, as far as the competitive games. There are
other games where you might only throw one, and I’ll get into those later on. You’re going
to shoot three darts to get twenties. When you get your twenties, you’re going to try
to close them. By getting three darts in your twenties, that will close your twenty. In
the dart board, though, you have a spot that is a triple twenty, a single twenty, and a
double twenty. So, if you were to hit a double twenty and come back, you would actually put
two lines like this. If you only got one twenty, you would just mark it with one line. If you
actually hit a triple twenty, you would just circle it and close it. And that would means
it’s closed and that you’re done. When we come back, I’m going to show you more about
the game of Cricket.

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