How to Play Darts : Strategies for the Dart Game Cricket: Part 2

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in Astoria Queens
at the world’s famous Doyle’s Corner and, on behalf of Expert Village, today we’re going
to show you how to throw some darts. And just remember, you don’t always have to hit these
in order. You don’t have to go twenty, nineteen, eighteen. You might be good at seventeens
and you just start hitting your seventeens. I won’t have them closed and that will be
your way to get points. Some people don’t even play points. They just try to close out
real fast and get down. So, strategically, there’s a lot of different variations of how
you’re going to play against the guy you play. You opponent might be a guy who goes for points,
or he might be just trying to close out. You might want to, you know, if he’s hot at hitting
numbers and you’re not, but you’re good at hitting one number, you might strategically
want to get a lot of points so that you can have more time. As he’s closing off stuff,
they have to get back those points. It’s a strategic way of giving you an edge if you’re
not as good as a player, or you’re strong on one particular number. Have fun with Cricket.
Keep playing it.

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