How to play EA Sports Cricket 07 Multiplayer with Keyboard and Android as a Gamepad in 2019

In this video I’m going to show you how to
play EA Sports Cricket 2007 multiplayer For this you have to download a software called
Microsoft Xbox 360 controller driver The link is provided in the description go and download
from the link I have already downloaded it so I am not going to download it again and
another software is PC remote receiver you have to download this as well I am going to
pause it because I have already installed this software in my PC now one thing you have
to consider is that you should have the windows 10 First open the PC remote receiver the installation
process is so easy you can do it yourself now add the game launcher wherever you have
located it I have located it in ‘D’ drive open it move to that folder Cricket 07 open
it and select the “exe.” file, the launcher and notice you have ticked this box – launch
with Xbox 360 controller simulation and then one thing that you have to sign in to Xbox
one with your Microsoft account I have already signed in and going to show you that if you
don’t have a Microsoft account then create one and sign in to Xbox one its compulsory
to do it so don’t forget just go to settings go to more or additional
whatever showing in your mobile phone go to tethering and portable hotspot click WLAN
hotspot turned it on and then your WiFi hotspot is created now you have to move to your PC
and connect to the same WiFi hotspot created by your android mine is Lenovo vibe so I am
connecting to it just wait for a second and then move to PC remote application which you
have to download from the link given in the description move to more and then click scan
Oops!! sorry! just move again go to mores scan it and then your PC ID will be shown
there and then you have to connect to it move to layouts and then wait for a second then
press on gamepad and now you have the keys to play this multiplayer you have to now open
PC remote receiver in your laptop look my android phone is connected here just have
to open the Cricket 07 from the launcher Here you go I have launch the game I will show
you a short gameplay with this gamepad in your android click ‘S’ as usually you do
with your keyboard to start now look we have the control the gamepad icons (in the screen)
moves with this gamepad emulator now select your team which you want I am selecting Bangladesh
here and Sri Lanka on the other side I will provide you the controls guide in notepad
file through which you can play this game easily I have learnt a lot of these keys its
easy to learn (as you continue playing this for long) I will select bat and I will show
you bowling with this gamepad let’s start it look we have the numbers and this gamepad
has the same numbers hope you can see it I am clicking on 1 so here we go You can control
the balling cursor with the ball tracker given in the gamepad and just move on to your PC
and bat with the keyboard at a single time you are able to play multiplayer in your PC
select the given balling option again and start to bat and that moves to third man area
so this is it Good Bye!!

7 thoughts on “How to play EA Sports Cricket 07 Multiplayer with Keyboard and Android as a Gamepad in 2019

  1. You found it by yourself, that's great. Remember once you had asked me for this tutorial earlier, I had searched for that and then forgot, anyways use Photoshop to create thumbnails, create more of cricket videos to get traffic.
    In my tutorial videos I will suggest your channel and c07 videos..

    Enjoy the Sunday 🙂

  2. Please Turn on the Captions (Corrected) as the Audio is not so Clear. Sorry !!! for the inconveniences 🙏

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