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How’s it going? My name’s Huseyin “The Brain” and
this is Andrew Eggers. If you’re here to learn how to play fantasy
baseball you’re in the right place. Right after this video. You’ll be able to start
playing, and if you already know how to play this video is not for you, but stay tuned
to our YouTube channel, we’ll have some great content for you real soon. Andrew Eggers is going to do most of the
talking today so go ahead take it away. Well first, you want to decide if you’re going to play with a group of friends, family members, maybe co-workers. In that case you decide who’s going to be
the Commissioner of the league or you might want to play in a league on
the internet with random people you haven’t met but in this case you can get started ASAP. The next thing you are really decided which website you’re going to play on. The two most predominant are ESPN and
also Yahoo. Next step is going to be deciding how big
the league you’re going to play in is going to be. Now we see most people usually going
10-12 man leagues to start… That’s where you should be. There’s bigger leagues. And we don’t recommend bigger leagues. It’s really overwhelming for a person just
starting out to be in a league that’s more than 12 men. Now the other thing you want to decide is the league scoring settings. Now with that being said, there’s a
couple different breakdowns we’re going to have. There’s also head-to-head league’s as well as rotisserie leagues–for the sake of this do not get into any rotisserie leagues. You want to stick to head-to-head leagues… so let’s take a look at head-to-head scoring first… When you’re looking at head-to-head scoring there’s two different types: There’s points leagues and there’s also category leagues. For points leagues, it’s going to be each different statistic has a point total attached to it. So let’s say for example home runs are worth five points, let’s say a double is worth two points, and let’s say a stolen base is worth one
point. If you’re player gets all three of
those in one game: a home run, a double and a stolen base. That guy scored eight points for you for the day. Now add up your points for the entire week,
and you got your win or your loss. So, Drew gets 100 fantasy points
for the first week of fantasy baseball… I get 99, you get the win that week. So, Drew is 1-0 and I’m 0-1 to start off the season. Now let’s talk about category scoring. In category scoring there’s usually 10-12 categories that you’re trying to fill. You want fill the most categories for
that particular week in order to beat your opponent. Let’s say
the categories for hitters some of them could be home runs, stolen
bases, batting average. For pitchers it could be
ERA, wins or saves for relief pitchers. Over the course of that particular week, I want to have the more categories won in order to beat my opponent. And each category is a win. So if I beat Drew the first week
of fantasy baseball in seven out of 10 categories. and he beats me only in three out of 10.
I start off the season 7-3, he starts of the season with three wins,
seven losses. Or even to get into more detail, if it’s a league based on just how many categories you win. If say, Huseyin wins seven and I only win three, he’s 1-0 for the week in other type of leagues. So we’re
getting into detail here… Now the biggest part of any fantasy
sports league is the draft! Absolutely! Now you could have an online draft
which is more common or you might have an offline draft
where you and your buddies and your family members and friends get
together… Which is more fun–beer, chicken wings family, friends… It’s awesome! And we actually do a video every year for one of our fantasy baseball leagues
and it’s a blast. Depending on where you’re at with your
friends or family members you might be able to get something set up in
person but the idea when you’re drafting is you
really need to prepare for the draft. The idea with drafting for a category league
is you want draft in overall good team. A good well-rounded
team so for example, you are players that can
hit for average as well as have some power so that they
can produce home runs and RBIs. It’s not a bad idea to have a couple
speedsters on your team as well so that you can fill that stolen base
category. Now on the pitching side you want to draft closers and maybe even relief pitchers
because their ERAs tend to be lower. So
the idea is really want to have a well-rounded team that can fill all the categories. Now
for points leagues you really want to look at what are the points settings? When I mentioned
earlier that maybe five points is for a home run, two points for a double, and one point for
a stolen base… Well it’s not a bad idea to have guys who hit lots of home runs in that type a league. Now the drawback is, in some leagues, you
get negative points for say striking out or getting caught
stealing so maybe you don’t want to draft a guy
who strikes out 200 times a season just because he does hit 40 home runs–it
doesn’t really make sense– the math that is. So you want to have guys
that are really going to play to the league scoring settings. You
want to have either a lot of home run hitters or maybe a lot of pitchers who get lots
of wins and eat up a lot of innings but really
look at the point totals or the point settings before you draft…
Now that’s some pretty good general tips for drafting fantasy baseball. Just know
that the draft is very important and you should prepare for it. The No. 1 way to prepare for it is
doing mock drafts, and there’s a ton of other resources.
We have resources on our website so make sure you go to to check out the rankings and other resources and make sure you’re
ready for the draft! Mock drafts are extremely important–Huseyin, you couldn’t be more right about that. I would say do at least 4 or 5
because then you can see which guys have been taken in which
rounds and then you can prepare for different circumstances because we
all know different owners draft way differently…
Yes! And if you’re in a 10-man league, try to do
a 10-man mock draft. Absolutely…
A mock draft is basically a draft, you go to ESPN or Yahoo they have them all the time. You do a fake draft with the bunch of
people but you know like I said if it’s a 10-man league, try to do a 10-man mock draft.
If it’s a 12-man, try to do a 12-man mock draft.
So after you draft an awesome team you want to stay competitive during the
season. Give them some great in season tips so you stay competitive
from the beginning to the end… Absolutely. Throughout the
season you’re going to deal with players who for whatever reason become inconsistent,
players who get injured, players who maybe get suspended–that’s been more popular as of late. And maybe
even some rain outs. Believe it or not this comes into play. As you’re going throughout the season there’s many different ways to improve
your team when players you have aren’t performing where they should be.
Now the best way is really to use the waiver wire. The waiver wire is essentially all the players who weren’t drafted originally in a pool, so that basically any owner
can go to the waiver wire anytime and pick people up. Now there’s
usually an order in which you can pick players up. And that order is
typically decided on the week before standings. When I say that I say. So let’s say that Huseyin’s the worst owner in the league… They’ll never happen. That won’t happen right?
For this example… For this example, and say I’m the best player in the league. So he’s No. 10 and I’m No. 1. Well
the waiver order would go: Huseyin first, and myself last. With that being said, there’s also
another way that people are doing it nowadays. This is a little bit more in-depth but
you’re in a league where you basically have a pool of money for the entire
season for waivers. Where basically you’re bidding on the players up for waivers. And say, I want a certain guy that Huseyin also wants. Now if he bids say $25 for this player, and I bid $23 for this player, it doesn’t
matter the waiver order, Huseyin would be awarded the player
based on his bid being greater than mine. So that’s another in-depth thing about
fantasy baseball but it’s becoming more popular so take note. The other way to improve
your team in the season is going to be by trading players to
other owners in the league. Now the general idea of trading is you
always want to have a trade that benefits your team by focusing on what your weaknesses are.
So let’s say I’m very weak in my pitching staff and I’m very strong
in say my hitting. Why I might want to trade my
surplus in hitting for say another team’s surplus in
pitching. Now the other idea with trading on a
general level, is you want to buy low and sell high. Let’s say I have a guy who’s just
outperforming his expectations, but in my gut I feel like you know what, he’s going
to drop off any minute any day now. And there’s a guy out there
who’s maybe not performing up to expectations but any day now he should turn around and
break out of that slump so to speak. I may trade my guy who I really think is
going to be on the downturn, for a guy who’s
really going to be on the upturn and we’re talking about
season the last six months. At any point in time guys may get hot or
cold but you want to find players that are
more consistent for the long haul… Great advice to making trades. Let’s face it, trades are hard to make… Yes… And if Drew has great pitching
and so he wants to improve his hitting. He wants to trade me a pitcher but I have
great pitching too that’s not going to work, I don’t need a pitcher. So he’s got to find someone that needs a pitcher. Or if he has a lot of outfielders, he needs to find someone that is in
desperate need of an outfielder. Maybe an outfielder just got hurt or just got suspended– they’re in desperate need–you want to prey on their weakness and make that trade happen… And I don’t know
how many trade questions we get on our Twitter account each season but it’s a lot and we encourage it. So
anytime you have a question on whether a trade is fair for you or if you’re going
to be the victor in that particular trade scenario, you can ask us, and we get back to you ASAP as far as what our opinion is…
Yes, trade question or any waiver question, you can hit us up all social media @fantasycouch When you’re looking at
the rest of the season usually the playoffs are going start anywhere from September to even August. The real fun part about fantasy baseball, in my opinion, is you get
to play every single day for a good chunk of the
year we’re talkin four to five months the
regular season with usually a month being the postseason. It’s an awesome thing. But there can be rain outs which in some cases you need to plan ahead. For example, if I
have a hitter and say his game is going to be rained out,
I might want to put my bench player in. And then also with pitching, the same
type deal. There might be instances where there’s
going to be a guy who I know is going to be facing a
really tough lineup and maybe he’s not doing so hot lately.
I might want to bench that guy because I don’t want him to get shelled and then have to face
the repercussions of his ERA being 48.5… So with fantasy baseball, just like basketball would you say you want to set your lineups beforehand? Good point, you always want to look at
your lineups in the morning in my opinion. I was look at my fantasy
baseball lineups every single morning. If you’re lucky and you have a job,
maybe you work a 9-5 job but you have a break or two where you can access the
Internet I always check right around noon because
a lot of times there can be injury updates, there could
be news in terms of ‘this guy got suspended’ or ‘this guy got
scratched from a start’ but you always want to kind of check middle of the day as to where your players are and then of course, the weather could
come into play at any moment and that happens in some cases, you know in the early
months of the season more often than not. Yes, and he keeps mentioning rain outs
and that’s the thing that’s most unique with baseball as oppose to
fantasy football and basketball. Rain outs are a big deal. You got to check.
That could be the difference between you winning that week or losing
that week. Now let’s talk about the conclusion of
the league. When you first set it up it could have been a free league or it could
have been a league that requires an entry fee and I’ve seen anything from 25
bucks to even thousands of dollars with of course the winner of the league always
getting the lion’s share. Whoever else gets paid, it’s really up to the commissioner and how you guys decide to do it but in our league yeah actually get one of these! Yes, the winner gets a fantasy baseball
championship belt! We actually have them on our website.
You can get yours right now if you go to and that about wraps up this video,
you’re ready to play fantasy baseball. Make you guys subscribe to the YouTube channel,
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and we’ll see you on the next video.

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