How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Basic Movements for Hockey Goalie

Now we are going to show some basic movements
of the goalie. First off, basic side to side action. Here the goalie is moving forwards, then backwards. Here is the tee push. This is the best way
to get across the net from side to side if there is a cross-ice pass. There are just
some basic movements of the goalie and now we are going to show you some different saves.

51 thoughts on “How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Basic Movements for Hockey Goalie

  1. – First shuffle to his blocker side, he did a T-push instead.
    – You're not supposed to move your stick that much when you're movie forwards/backwards
    – Holy fuck this guy can't T-push worth crap.

    It's supposed to be a FAST, solid movement. And even if you wanted to slow it down, get him to do it fast and add in a slow-motion replay.

  2. This goalie can't skate which means he won't have the balance when the time comes to go face. And when he skates forward and backwards he losses positiional stance.

    A five yr old can T push better than that, and most of the time the fastest way across is butterfly slide…noob

  3. And remember kids! Keep your stick off the ice, go at a nice slow pace, and constantly move your hands during movement!

  4. goalie doesn't at all look comfortable moving around. T-pushes look horrible and his gloves move way too much while he's skating.

  5. @laserfille Yes you can, if you are under 5'10 the chances of you making it anywhere are slim to none. Height is extremely important.

  6. @Slushyyy639 you are comparing apples to oranges. Goaltending and the game overall is vastly different then it was when Mike Vernon played. At 5'8 you will find it extremely hard to get recruited or to play at the NHL level with any consistency. I won't say it is totally impossible, but it is very very very close to it.

  7. @iTrollhard31 jesus christ, somebody wasn't loved as a child… And, "it is spelled the word 'stance' completely wrong." great grammar there.

  8. @iTrollhard31 sorry but how the hell can you tell antonioaquila to learn how to spell when in just 7 words you wrote to him you misspelled 2 words???? lol

  9. are u kidding me ? ur trying to deminstrate ''how to be a goalie'' but this is showing how to be one of those lazy shit goalies

  10. @goalieboy39wings basic not advanced if you wanted fast you should've typed in advanced they were just giving an example

  11. the instructor isn't bad..but why the hell did they use this goalie for the demonstration? he can barely skate let alone know proper positioning

  12. I'll agree this guy looks like a beginner. but why does everyone just rip into the guy.. who knows how long he has been playing or even skating.. .. Blame expertvillage for not supplying a better goalie to show you quality drills and form..tisk tisk haha

  13. It's okay that this goalie is a beginner, but because this is an instructional video it would be more beneficial for a beginner watching the video to see a goalie doing the movements properly.

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