How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Goaltending Angles for Hockey Goalie

Now we are going to show some different angles
how to cut down shots. As you can see here, the goalie is standing on the goal line in
his basic stance. But as you can see, there are a lot of open targets in the net for a
shooter to score. But if the goalie comes out of the net, it cuts down the angle of
the shot.
Depending on where the puck is, the angle that you have can help minimize threats. When you are cutting down angles, generally
the goalie should not come too far outside the crease.

26 thoughts on “How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Goaltending Angles for Hockey Goalie

  1. this goalie is where to far back in the crease for one, ive always been taught to stay near the edge at all times, plus an easy angle set up are the blue and red lines where the meet the boards, and the face off dots, helps when u pick an object in the distance to line up with, helps you notice your position in the net without looking back

  2. wow if people want to become good goalies they need to do more than watch expert villages videos to become good. These video are half assed and everything is too basic, to become a good goalie you need to go to a goalie developmental center like world pro and GDI

  3. hahahaha i laughed so hard at that part. like you would think theyd at least have a script. but it looks like theyre pretty much just improvisin

  4. its something though….i play roller and am new to ice….there is so much more into ice….im great at roller but i over commit a lot from sliding to far…i go to get used to it…these helped kinda

  5. i for one love ice much better than roller because i feel like in roller i can't slide any where just use your outer edge of the skate to stop you when you start to slide a little far or no maybe inside edge i always get them mixed up but if you lift your leg in the direction your sliding and apply pressure to that foot also you'll stop

  6. expert village is not… i've been playing goal for 15 years (AA, AAA, Jr B, Sr A) and this vid is misleading…

    if a guy is winding up from the blue line you as a goalie better damn well better be out of your crease facing the shooter… if he fakes, back in… watch for potential passes, lord knows your defense won't 😛 just kiddin' i love those guys, when they know what they're doing. 😉

  7. boy, that was a great video.

    "depending where the pucks is, the angle that you have…can help… … …minimize…threats…"

  8. @attananightshadow yeah there are 4 kinds of depth. Defensive, aggressive, conservative, and base..all relative to the situation.

  9. ok guys i just started playing hockey goalie i love it, but its alot harder then i thought, so i need some advise or tips, Im 5' 10'' and 225 pounds so im a shorter wider guy, everyone tells me to play a stand up goalie but it seems out dated and feels a little weird trying to make saves so any advise or tips would be great, email me at [email protected] thx so much

  10. "When you're cutting down angles..generally.. the goalie shouldn't come too far outside the crease" Wtf?

  11. @SoulBxS Actually im pretty sure your supposed to hold it where your comfortable, I keep my glove low and close to my body, and snap my arm out when i need to, I make saves, meanwhile i hold my blocker where it is with the stick an inch of the ice, I haven't played very long but i make saves, there is no 'proper' way to hold your gear, its what your comfortable with, and what stops the puck.

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