How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Position With Man Behind Net

Now, we’re going to show you the positioning
of the goalie if a player is behind the net. Now, it’s important that if the player is
going behind the net, you always have your head up, moving it constantly so you can see
where the puck is going. Also, make sure, if you think the puck is going to one side
that you can get to that post as quick as possible. Sometimes though, you have to watch
out as if a player might go one way but will try to do a wrap around going the other way.
Always have your head up, keep moving it side to side and try to get your body as quickly
as possible from post to post. Also, be aware that passes might come from behind the goal
line, in front of the net, so it’s important to have your stick out to break up those passes. That’s man behind the net.

21 thoughts on “How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Position With Man Behind Net

  1. Wrong, just wrong. Like the guy before me just said, bury yourself deep in the middle of the net and swing your head around, if the player switches direction behind the net you have more chance of staying with him

  2. perfect response. If you play this way. especially with defensemen who don't know what they're doing you're gonna get burned by a guy in front every time

  3. good try, but dont put your stick out if there is a pass in front of the crease, thats your defensemens job to break it up, judging by this goalies skill level, he will probably deflect it into his own net.

  4. thanks for the vid :)im going toi start playing floor hockey and im gonna be goalie. i need to get as much practice as i can.

    i get really uncomfortable when someone is behind the net, cuz im afraid that hes going to swing around and shoot it between my stick and pad.

  5. @ryeman98 i know about a certain style called "correct" style or as most people call proper technique, and they just showed it in the video. styles come into play when stopping the puck. not when trying to track a man behind the net. Once again that's called "Proper Technique." lol i love it when 14 year olds try and school people from expertvillage who are taking their time out of their days to do dumbed-down instructional videos. so why don't you take your style back to your 0-20 team HS team.

  6. @eliandnelson you tell him man that was the most retarded comment i've ever seen how that ever got thumbs upped by anyone is beyond me.

  7. I stay on my blocker side and let them mess around all they want behind the net. If they go blocker side I'm already there and if they go trapper side that's when I move. You can always tell when they're going for the shot/pass. I find it's too easy to lose sight of the puck if you stay in the middle, but then I'm only 5'3", so I can't sit with my pads on each post XD

  8. OK guys you're forgetting one thing – its not that simple – hopefully you got defencemen to go around and take him out. If you defence isn't doing their job its time to speak up and let your teammates know. I play goalie and defence and nothing is more sad than watching a player park behind your net and noone is going in after him – force his hand – don't give him time to think! If you've done your drills as a team then it becomes second nature what to do and you cut down his chances of scoring.

  9. Even though I've been in the net for a short time, I start at one post. When I know that the player behind the net heads for the other post, I move to the other post to counteract that move. Or if they pass the puck or try and shoot, then I act accordingly. That is what a goalie should do!

  10. hey thx a lot im trying to be goalie but the gear is so expensive and theres already two goalies before me so I cant play goalie but next year im gonna try

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