How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Tips: Blocker Save

The next save we’re going to show you is the
blocker save. Like the glove save this save can be made in any kind of stance the goalie
is in. Here in our basic stance, the blocker, the save can be made by facing the blocker
outwards. The thing you don’t want to do is use your hands or fingers. This save is important
because if a puck is coming at you; you can redirect the puck outwards or above the net.
Now, we’re going to show you some saves of the blocker.

27 thoughts on “How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Tips: Blocker Save

  1. the goalie is good but the shooter sucks!!!!
    the first one anyway
    i mean come one if your going to make a vid on how to play goalie at least get some good shooters!!

  2. they are purposley shoting softly to let the gaolie execute perfectly and to let you see the stance, technique and to watch the puck

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  4. you're supposed to do a leg extension with your blocker in front of your body. this will give you rebound control. if you do it your way all the pucks are going to bounce right back in front.

  5. NO! people make that mistake all the time, be a player first to build your skating skills, young players think that if they cant skate that well they should become goalies but goalies need to be very good skaters to properly move around their crease

  6. I get the basics, but how do you work on the reaction time? No one shoots at 5 km/h. More like 80+. How do you train the nervous system to react to that speed?

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