How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Tips: Butterfly Save

The first save we are going to show you is
the butterfly save. First we are going to show you the correct way to perform a butterfly
Make sure that you drop both your knees. Make sure they are kept together, extending your
pads outward, and also keeping your glove and blocker up. Now we are going to show you
the wrong way.
Don’t just drop your knees, but make sure you are extending your pads out while your
knees stay together. And that’s the butterfly save.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Goalie in Hockey : Hockey Goalie Tips: Butterfly Save

  1. wrong. stand up is old and out dated. it butterfly was bad than why would nhl goalies use it? there is no better way to cover the bottom of the net than butterfly.

  2. use whatever position feels most comfortable to you, the butterfly is the most common now a days because its easiest to cover more net, stand up goalies have a very vulnerable fivehole, most pads now a days are made to excentuate the butterfly style, but i agree this dude def does not know how to teach it properly

  3. butterfly is actually almost a natural reflex, u will probably go into butterfly without even knowin it, when u go down on your knees but u should definitely work on it and make sure ur pads close up your 5 hole (between your legs)u should still always keep ur stick there too

  4. this video is terrible and mostly wrong.elbows are supposed to be locked in with hands out ward. even though this sucks, those are pretty nice pads

  5. then you shot five-hole anyway, couldv'e done that without pads.
    Not that i'm any good, but i've learnt alot more just getting out and playing and learning from my mistakes, I think i'll stick to that.

  6. i don't really think he has even worry about rebounds right now everything is straight forward. They need to post a video on how to drop the gloves quickly and get to fightin'

  7. his stick should be out more and go in for a poke check yelling GET OUT OF MAH HOUSE!! or YOU COMING INTO MAH COURT BOI!?!?!?!? YEA GET SOME!! GET SOME!!

  8. Your exactly right,
    besides its real easy to raise your hands as a shots coming to make a save. For the most part people who instruct goal dont no much about it so try to get your facts straight so you know if your getting the right help. These guys are wrong 90% of the time.

  9. most shots come in horizontally which fit better in your glove when your glove is horizontal. Plus whats the point doing butterfly if you just shoot at the stick? I also find it more helpful to leave a gap in your pads to get more area covered and then just use your stick to cover the gap not so tight in

  10. Quite a few goalies actually find it easier to drop their gloves for the save, and keep their gloves high when they're moving or butterflying to try and decrease top corner goals. But you're right – the proper positioning should be to drop them and bring them to your sides and close up the holes.

  11. and when you butterfly, expecaly if you are shorter or close to the posts, pop your sholders up a bit to take away top shelf

  12. i play road hockey and when i do butterfly i cant turn my pads.
    should i loosen them so they turn side ways?
    i dont know what to do?

  13. generally u have the straps tight just around your ankles and skates and have them become looser the higher you tie

  14. stivikiller if you "play hockey since 8 years" you'd know that you don't drop down into the butterfly until the shot has already been released and not a moment before. You KNOW it's going to where you can control it before you drop.

  15. you are wrong. i've played goalie for 4 years. and as magnumus11 said, if you are already down in butterfly, you know the players will shoot high because the bottom of the net is already covered if your butterfly is good. the only reason standup(Brodeur) isn't good is because if somebody makes a onetimer 2 on 1 pass, how will you save it? and flopper (no offence, hes a great goalie, Thomas) is good because you're just throwing yourself at the puck no matter where it is.

  16. Stivikiller, you make a good point, but in the whl the average goaltender heght is 6 1 so coverng the upper half of the net on your knees is not an issue, that s why most smaller goalies use the style of tomas or brodeur because of there speed and how athletic they are… But i see what you mean, I play butterfly style as a 6 3 15 year old so I do have an edge on more of the shorter kids.

  17. the reason there beating u top chedd is necause you just drop and block. you gotta be patient enough, and wait for the puck to be released from the stick. then you determine if you wanna stand up to make the up top save, or drop in a reacting butterfly positioon. you'll only have to use the blocking butterfly when there in tight

  18. Why would you keep your gloves up, don't you drop them to create a seal unless you're tracking the puck into your gloves?

  19. can someone plz show me how to do the butterfly plz plz.. I just dont get it right.. The way he says its wrong, thats how i do it, i just cant get it.. someone plz help. thanks

  20. Say if i wanted to start playing goalie which I'm all ready very good at. But I'm 6,2 so how big pads would i need someone answer please

  21. alright, never been a goalie before, just started at an outdoor rink a couple days ago so bare with me, when i try to drop into the butterfly, not always but sometimes one pad or both of them arent facing out its just like im on my knees, is it cause there too tight? or my legs arent spread wide enough? or what,

  22. this goalie can't even execute a proper butterfly. his stick needs to be layed on the ice on an angle, so he can redirect shots in the corners, and his blocker heeds to be closer to his side. that way, no shots can go between him and the blocker. haha expert village my ass

  23. @Ryann1795 He use the old way… And that way is still better for far shot because the new butterfly block make harder to save a high shot

  24. it still has its disadvantages, rebound control becomes much harder cause with your stick straight up like that you can't redirect shots in the corners. yeah, it might be easier to save a high shot, but if a player who has good accuracy is gonna put it right between the goalie and his blocker.

  25. BTW, for people watching this video and "learning" from it, you don't want to drop your knees; that's too slow. Drive your knees together and to the ice to seal up the 5-hole quickly.

  26. he dosnt know how to do it himself! everytime he drops he leaves the holes under his arms open and every time he "stopped' a shot he put out a rebound. your supposed to put the puck in the corner.

  27. this is also an amzing video on how to take the worst wrist shot ever.

    show how the butterfly is effective againt reallistic compitition, not driblers to the five hole.

  28. i dont think i could make those saves… looks so difficult…man is this guy good. fuck. my mind has been blown.

  29. @HockeyFan7374 lmao! they are basically ghetto pads that aren't really made professionally, like simmons pads, simmons-ghetto vaughn smith-ghetto itech

  30. @HockeyFan7374 you didnt read my comment right, read it again, i said simmons pads are ghetto vaughn pads and smith pads are ghetto itech pads

  31. I love how he like does this head thing when hes showing the wrong way to do the butterfly XD he's like "oh look at me fail" XD

  32. How do you keep the front of your pads facing out and not down. is there some sort of stretch to do? please help its the only thing i don't do right.

  33. @Mwrs99 Your top straps have to be loose enough so thats theres play for them to rotate out laterally as your drop to have your knees hitting the ice (hopefully while wearing knee pads or sitting on risers built in your pads) It's hard to butterfly with some older pads, but possible – you just need to find strap tightness thats comfortable

  34. @asta4125 I completely agree with you. However what he can do to reduce the size of the gasp between his blocker and pad is to get a shorter paddle that won't affect his stance of course. It is proven that keeping your stick straight gives you more control than angling it.

  35. hi i have a question im 12 and play peewee hockey as a goalie. im 5'7 and have 33 inch pads. when i butterfly theres a 4 to 5 inch gap in my five hole and pucks slide through. am i doing it wrong or are my pads to small?

  36. @pensfan1896 As long as you put your knees together and drop quick enough, that's what matters. Wearing thigh wraps can help closing the hole as well. Without seeing your pads, I can't really tell if they are too small. It could realted to the type of pads you're using. If you have a narrow butterfly, it might not be the best idea to have a one break or no break pad. You should look for double or turco break. If you have the wrong kind of pads, try to stretch to gain hips flexibility and

  37. @laserfille i have the mylec ultralites 7000 and i cant get my pads to rotate. i snap my knees down but i still dont get anything close to a butterfly! the pads face down

  38. @asta4125 Late response, but when I'm in my butterfly, I like to angle my stick, so it goes into my chest easier rather than bounce back into traffic.

  39. hi everyone im 15 years old and looking to become a hockey goalie. I am in good shape and have very strong legs. is there anything you guys can tell me to help me out? Also i played catcher in baseball since i was 6 on aau teams, if that helps…

  40. I myself am a goalie and go to a professional goalie coach, for all confused about stick positioning i will give you some constructed advice, If the puck is more on the left side, or the right side, keep your blocking hand in close to your side in butterfly and just rotate your wrist into the pathway of the puck. This causes the puck to hit your stick and 99% of the time go airborne high into the mesh, stopping play. If the puck is directly five hole, you want your blade verticle.

  41. his butterfly is super narrow, I'm a devils fan, nut I can honestly say that Jonathan Quick has one of the best butterfly pos., and he can go from the butterfly to his feet again in a split second.

  42. Actually, if the stick is on an angle, when you go down the puck will ramp up into your chest or stomach area, thus you can smother your rebound. Same goes for the leg extension, you angle the stick so the puck is out of reach of the player and so the puck goes up in the glass or netting giving you time to recuperate on the rebound,

    What do you know?

  43. This video actually helped out a lot. I've been playing recreational inline hockey and I notice I'm doing the bad example butterfly that was demonstrated. Problem is, my pads don't provide a lot of protection on the knees so when I drop to butterfly, they're getting bruised a lot. Probably will need to pick up some goalie knee guards.

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