How to Play Hockey : Equipment for Playing Hockey

Hi I am Reyno Benjamin. I am doing this for We are going to talk about ice hockey, floor hockey, deck hockey, and
roller hockey. I have been playing for about 25 years, so we are going to go over some
hockey equipment first. Your ice hockey skates, which are very important… it’s one size
smaller than your shoes. You got elbow pads in case you fall back, no injury. This is
your shoulder pads. It protects your chest area, your shoulder area. You just basically
strap it around, and it protects you from any injury… you strap both sides… and
solid. Alright, gloves… it can either be leather or nylon. I prefer the leather ones.
All different brands. You got to have your helmet. This is a CCM helmet. This is a half
cage with a shield. I don’t like the guards in between, you can’t have peripheral vision
for your handling of the puck. These are the pants. They go on; it has protection in the
back, down at the thigh area. These are your shin guards. The go right here, on your shins
obviously. They protect you from any injury. This you got to use, this is the cup to protect
your private parts. This is a sock that goes over your shin pads. It is a strap; it’s
like a girdle. What you do is, you have your shin pads on, pull up the socks, and on each
end you just flip it in. This is basically going to hold your socks. There it is. Pull
that way, then you put your pants on, and you’re good to go… so in case, it doesn’t
fall off. This is hockey stick. Mine is an Easton; it’s an easier medium aluminum flex.
Meaning when I snap it, it has a little bend to it. It gives you a little whiplash, kinda
like a sling shot. And that is your hockey equipment.

20 thoughts on “How to Play Hockey : Equipment for Playing Hockey

  1. wow he is pretty off on just about EVERYTHING he is saying. And they call this "expert village". WTF wow why don't they actually find an expert to give real equipment advice

  2. hell only true hockey players are Canadian..
    And only true hockey fans are Canadian..
    The ACC in Toronto sells out every game.. watch on TV some game.. the arena is packed.. 20'00 loyal fans.. you watch a game from like Carolina or somewhere in the states and the place is half empty..

  3. All of that equipment is old and shitty..
    This guy isa major geek.. he needs some new equipment if thats what hes using .. its from like the friggen 80's. anways you could probably get used stuff for a couple hundred bucks.. depens on thequality.. and what not.. if your just getting started and are a begginer it shouldnt cost too much but if you get more competetive, then you would probably want some new equopment.. and don'g get a freekin visor.. they look gay as fuck and antifog dont work

  4. thanks.

    are there any good websites you know of for hockey stuff? around here it's not a very popular sport, so the stores barley sell anything – even during winter.

  5. Just google "Niki Bauer" or "RBK" or even just hockey equipment.. you might even be able to find stuff on the ebay .. just the only thing about buying off the internet is you dont get to try it on.. and im not sure if you can send it back or not..

  6. What about goalie equipment? And this guy in the video must be a Ducks fan…looks like an old school Ducks jersey. And foolish Canadians…Philadelphia is a hockey hot bed in the states. But I do think Carolina Hurricanes were 100% better as the Hartford Whalers.

  7. i hated my fuels. i bought mission 95's i think, whatever the second best mission was. i broke them within a few months

  8. u really should have emphesised the need for a cup, my stupid brother got hit in the … while playing goal tender by a friend.

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