How to Play Hockey : How to Take a Hockey Wrist Shot

Hi I’m Reyno Benjamin with
We are going to talk about a wrist shot. A wrist shot is basically, you are using your
wrist to flick the puck, snapping the wrist at the last second. You bring the puck all
the way in to get more velocity. You just put the puck or the ball from the back where
you can just snap to the front. You let it slide to get some more velocity and it snaps
in. Basically you want to catch the goalie by surprise. So you start here and you just
shot it. You’re still using your whole body, but it is all in the wrist. You take it from
here and snap it. Same thing with a puck. We are going to use this rubber puck for right
now. You want your puck here get you some well velocity and just snap it the front.
Basically you want to cradle it. Cradle it from here to here and snap it.

21 thoughts on “How to Play Hockey : How to Take a Hockey Wrist Shot

  1. This guy is absolutely clueless on how to teach a proper wrist shot. Weight transfer from back to front is the cornerstone of a solid wrist shot. Proper wrist reversing or "snapping" as he reffered to it is a close second. Please dont use this as a real coach, you may get laughed off the ice. My 5 year old daughter can "lift" an orange street hockey ball better than this guy.

  2. lmao wow this guy blows his follow throw is where my 2 yr old nephews follow through is haha these expert villages will let anybody teach huh? they need better screening. i would lay this guy out in a game

  3. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


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