How to Play Hockey : How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Hi I’m Reyno Benjamin with
Let’s talk about taping the stick a little bit. That hockey tape comes in variety of
colors. What ever you want you can get. Basically you tape the blade of your stick. You tape
it as much as high as you want. I generally go almost to about four inches into the shaft.
Basically start taping and go. Try to go all the way to the top. You just rip it off. So
you’re all the way through there. Now for me it is very important for me to make sure
I tape the end of the stick. Very ,very tightly. Basically what I do is I need to get a good
grip. So I tape here. I get the tape first and I twist it. In order for me to get a good
grip I wrap two times around here and then I start to go down. With the twist tape about
an inch or two in between all the way down to where I want it to end. Where you want
to end is up to you. So now this would give me grooves. Then I go back with tape and tape
over it. All the way down. Basically, that is how you get your groove, and you have a
better grip on your stick. Better to hold on. Some guys would try to knock the stick
out of your hand or what have you. Basically, you have a much better grip. I go all the
way down. It is a very strong grip.

36 thoughts on “How to Play Hockey : How to Tape a Hockey Stick

  1. This guy seriously needs to die, he knows absolute nothing about anything hockey related he looks like a fucking middle school teacher, get off your roller blades and try your luck on some full contact pick up games, we'll see how good your "tips and techniques" work…jerkoff

  2. holy shit this is horrible my video is way better well its decent any way were friken 15 and we can tape better than you

  3. wow.. are you kidding me.. i could have taped 10 sticks perfectly it took this guy to do one buttend.. taping sticks is all prefernce neways.. there is no rite way.. but in this case i think this guys all wrong hahaha.. a good tape job is a good looking tape job

  4. holy shit this guys got no idea of what hes talking about. terrible tape jobs. never tape your stick top to bottom, bottom to top always.

  5. Yes let's all tape a stick that is already taped because there's no way it will add weight to the stick because there is no way we should have our sticks lighter because that could only speed up our stick handling skills.

  6. this guy never played ice he has no clue what he is talkn about the stick is already taped and than he tapes it again what a fucking homo

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