How to Play Hockey : Stick Checking & Body Checking in Hockey

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In hockey there is a lot of checking, stick checking, and body checking. Basically you
are using your body to knock your opponent who has the puck. But anyone who does not
have the puck, it is an interference call. With stick checking basically the one individual
who has the puck are ready. And the other player is up and taking the puck. Kicks that
stick out of him and steals it. Steals the puck. We are going here this guy from behind
or front, I’m dragging the puck along, and he flips my stick over, knocks me out, and
takes the puck. It is gone. And he is gone. It is very important to have two hands on
the hockey stick at all times. See how people skate with one hand. Skating with out the
puck it is five usually with two hands on the stick cause if the guy tries to lift it,
it is sturdy enough, strong enough to resist that check and you’re gone. Basically you
want to keep control of your stick. You want to be alert on who’s around you. Because sometimes
on ice if you are skating down, this guy can’t stick here, what he’ll do is give the puck,
it will hit you here, now the puck is gone if you don’t have two hands. The puck is already
gone and you’re stuck here if you have two hands. You have to reach out with the puck.
It is very crucial to do that. So it is basically the stick checking. So if he comes in I can
stick check him right here and I can knock his stick out, take the puck, and I do it
again from the other angle. Stick checking if he is coming there nothing from behind
him I going to lift the stick up and take the puck. Now it is my turn. Also at the same
time if you do that again with the stick there you throw your body into him and knock him
away and take the puck with you.

8 thoughts on “How to Play Hockey : Stick Checking & Body Checking in Hockey

  1. lol easton aluminum shaft.

    he must think that since gretzky used one.. he'll be as great as the great one using it.

  2. nah poke checking is a poking motion, not a lifiting one. Mostly executed by keepers poking the puck of a forwards stick they come in close for a shot. The clue is kind of in the name d00d

  3. all you have to know for checking:
    Its all in your legs. just get low and push up or explode upwards in the direction of the guy your checking. (Just make sure to hit him and not miss.)
    When receiving a check along the boards, make sure your side closest to the boards is pressed against the boards before you get checked. That way you will absorb the check and you will avoid injuries.
    In terms of open ice. Just keep your head up 😛

  4. @hockeyplayur13 or maybe he likes hockey but lives in a rural area and can only play on concrete. as long as you're out there playing the sport you love in any form does it really matter?

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