How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Handle the Puck in Ice Hockey

Hey, I’m Tim McKeig, of the UNCW Seahawks,
and today, I’m going to show you how to handle the puck in ice hockey. First things first,
you want to worry about your body posture. Usually, your legs are going to be about shoulder
width apart, knees bent; good posture over the puck. Next will be your hands. If you’re
right handed like myself, you’re going to want to press your left hand at the top of
your stick, and usually, aid about four arms length down the shaft for your supporting
hand. To start off, you’re going to want to great, look down at the puck, put it in the
middle of your stick from side to side. This is usually referred to as cradling the puck.
It’s all in your wrists. You want to make sure you’re getting it and cupping the puck,
cupping the puck. You don’t want to go too hard. It’s going to be hard to handle it and
keep control of the puck. Usually, your body, you’re going to want to move with the puck;
side to side, to keep good control. Usually, this is done while skating, instead of stationary,
but a good way to start would be stationary. Now, some of the different techniques that
are used while stick handling the puck would usually be out to the back hand, all the way
to the forehand, backhand, forehand, backhand, forehand, basic. And you see how my body’s
moving with the puck, to help cradle it. You don’t want to have your body too stiff, or
you’re going to lose control of that puck pretty easily. Now, after the basic steps,
you can move into some more advanced cradling methods, such as the toe pull, which would
be out to the front of the toe, as you can see. Pull it back in towards your body, and
once again, cradle that puck right there in the middle of your stick. Just some of the
other methods you can use. But you want to make sure you get that basic down, back and
forth, back and forth with the cradle. And that’s how you handle the puck in ice hockey.

35 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Handle the Puck in Ice Hockey

  1. guys would you shut up, what if you were just starting and you weren't sure how to hold it or what part to hold the puck on ( toe-heel-middle ) this would help.
    And if your so good, just don't watch it.

  2. pointless? f*** off! im 19 never played hockey in my life and wanna learn so this is actually helpful, fir me at least.

  3. i think the guy meant look down at the puck when you are first learning and are just stationary… lol

    otherwise some big open-ice hits are coming your way! 😀
    but this guy does a good job IMO for late beginners…

  4. thank you expert village !!! also check out the magic tricks from expert village now im a true magician !!!

  5. lord of hockey… field hockey is bigger in europe and also played by men there…if you were such a lord of hockey why are you watching stick handling tips?

  6. I believe they call it Ice hockey so it's not confused with deck hockey or inline kockey…which are all the same exact game other than the surface played on and the type of footwear. field hockey can't be confused with any of the 3.

  7. actually field hockey is very apt to get confused w/ lol….whenever someone asks me if i play a sport & i say hockey they say "field hockey or ice hockey"…amongst outsiders its very much mixed up

  8. wait i thought if you are right handed you use the left side and vice versa. cause youre right hand will be on top of the stick. i mean most hockey players use the left side of the stick

  9. Good stuff on youtube. I just checked out a new trailer for The Keys to Learning Movement, a new DVD for 2010. I know this guy and he is awesome. Comes out in the spring.

  10. im starting ice hockey friday and i was wondering can you touch the puck with both sides of the hockey stick because i know you cant in normal hockey

  11. toe pull?….more like toe drag, how the hell did you think this guy would be the right person for this video if he doesnt even know his terminology?

  12. Hey what team do you support in England? My team won the league this year. Billingham Stars. GO STARS GO!

  13. Thanks Tim of the sea hawks my little sister wanted to learn how to keep the puck (ball) close when playing in her school gym. Being a hands on learning I had to show her myself but if it wasn't for your video I couldn't had taught her the right way.

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