How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Stop and Quick-Start in Ice Hockey

Hi, my name is Luke. I’m from Boston, Massachusetts.
I play for the University of North Carolina Wilmington Seahawks, and I’m going to tell
you how to stop and quick start in ice hockey. The main thing you want to do, when you’re
stopping, is using your inside and outside edge. You’re going to have your feet together.
You want to use your inside edge, from your far foot, and your outside edge from your
closer foot, and use all your body weight, to stop ,so you’re really going to be pushing
on your skates, like so, and then after you stop, like so. To get a quick start, you really
want to cross over with your outside foot, over your inside foot, to get a good stop,
and I’ll demonstrate for that to you now, and that’s how you stop and quick start in
ice hockey.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : How to Stop and Quick-Start in Ice Hockey

  1. @phoenixicarus He does but like the comment below said these guys have been playing for years, the best thing to do would be to take what you see hear once and just take it to the ice cause i watched this video sure it was a good foundation but in the end the best thing is to try it yourself.

  2. @howtohockeydotcom i subed. your slapshot video helped me put more power in the shot i had a hard time figuring out the weight shift.

  3. @Rahul95Mehta Awesome, glad you liked it. We just put a video up showing how to improve slapshot accuracy as well!

  4. @Rahul95Mehta Thanks, the slapshot can be tricky, and you can learn it a lot faster if you have an idea of what to do! Glad you like the videos

  5. @TheAceofNate Thanks man! We are working on another one, that is even more beginner. It should be even better than our first video 😀

  6. Это для каких же идиотов объясняют как останавливаться и стартовать??

  7. @IMastersI I know right!? I'm finally getting it down this year. I'll have it down pat on both sides by the end of November!

  8. @commradhypnotic
    How can you tell how good he is? He has good technique, I don't see how anyone can tell this guys talent level just by this video.

  9. @phoenixicarus wow. finally got it down this year on my left side. still pretty choppy on my right -hopefully by the end of the season I'll have it. -good incentive to buy a nice set of breezers . . .

  10. Apparently, one of the problems I seem to be having, when stopping, is the fact that I stop with my feet very close together; not shoulder width apart. I still stop, but it's a little unbalanced. I still also can't seem to stop turning on to my right side. Whats' the best way of gaining more confidence to stop, using both sides of your blades?

  11. @deathwings11
    i work at a rink and play hockey, and just from experience the feet apart stop your referring to IMO is a quicker stop, but you'll never get moving again anytime soon, in all honesty the feet together stop 'hockey stop' that he was doing is by far a better way to stop, balance wise and how quickly you'll be able to keep moving.

  12. @9squid9 No dude 13's a great age!!! Do a half-hour of stick handling every day and you'll be a god in a few yrs.

  13. I'm like luis mendoza… minus the speed and control. i can go forward and backward fairly well, but i need the boards or an innocent bystander (or a 2 ft wall of cans) to stop myself.

  14. Hhh I want to play (never played before) but i'm 15, am I to old to play seeing as how I have no expereience?

  15. For the crossover start many of my coach told me it was more efficient to use the outside leg first then inside leg cos u have less power with your inside foot than your outside foot, plus you gain more distance more quickly. Not a professional like you, just saying what we told me.

  16. if he went fast enough he could freeze time not time travel…. or melt the ice because he got to hot in the heavy hockey uniform.

  17. @9hogger actually no you don't need to learn when you're a little kid, I learned when I was just 14 and I'm as good as everyone on my team.

  18. i've been playing hockey for like 12 years and I still don't know how to stop on my left skate, only on my right side, this video really helps and the next time i skate, im def going to practice this. thanks dude.

  19. Wait, so this is somehow an advanced thing that actually needs a tutorial? We've been doing this since we were 12 years old…

  20. this video would be better if he tripped and fell not that i want him hurt or anything…it just would be funny

  21. No shame in that bro 😀 I fell a lot, and even bruised my knee 🙁 No pain no gain bro 😀 I just practiced for 2 solid hours, after that? I raced with my friends :3 Even pro figure skaters fall bro 🙂

  22. Hey. Thanks a lot for this awesome video it is going to help a lot I think though I'm going to end up in the under 16's and I'm going to be the only girl if they let me play.

  23. Don't worry man!! Sometimes you just have to not drop balls and do it, when i started to learn hockey stops i was slamming in the wall quite a bit (if you and aim to stop just before the wall then it will always catch you :P) but eventually you will get used to the motion of going sideways and end up starting to learn really fast and it will soon click!! (it only too me around 4-6 hours of very occasionally trying it – at a public rink which is always packed btw) So just go 4 it – helps so much!

  24. Do not use all your body weight! I have learnt the hockey stop today, and the most important thing is to properly amortize the body weight by bending the legs during the stop. It is like amortizing body weight during jumping. Look at his knees – he is doing something else and telling something else. (sorry for my English)

  25. It might be more to do with your skates and not the fact that you're a new skater. Do they fit properly? You're also using your feet in a way they're not accustomed to so that might be it. With time hopefully it will get better.

  26. That causes the problem of people only turning and not actually stooping.. keep the weight even, make sure your shoulders stay forward and only turn your skates and lean back and bent knees.. you'll get to spray ice better like that as well.

  27. Kind of a misnomer here….EXPERT Village….from Boston, but plays club hockey at UNCW. I guess Merrimack, Lowell, BC, BU, Amherst, and other D1 schools weren't knocking at his door.

  28. Its SAS I've been playing hockey for five years and I still can't stop on both sides and I am pretty advanced lol

  29. Whoa, totally incorrect. You don't want your feet so close together, widen them up and you'll get a lot more power to pull and push when crossing over to start in the other direction. If you keep your feet too close together you lose balance and are not strong on your skates. What level of college is this anyways? No offense but 90% of Peewee's in MN skate better than this lol!

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