How to Play Ice Hockey : Passing a Hockey Puck

Alright another very important thing in hockey,
is you got teammates out there so you need to contribute and help your teammates out
by passing the puck. Uh you can’t just be a puck hog and a glory hog passing the puck
it makes your teammates look good and it helps the flow of the game. It will make your team
a lot better, if you can pass the puck very well then it?s just going to make you a better
player, it’s not always about scoring. So the uh passing pretty much the same as a wrist
shot, uh your just trying to put it on somebody’s stick, uh as close to their stick as possible,
that way they can keep moving. Uh with the passing, you do the same thing, you?re going
to have your legs spread apart, or while your skating, pull the puck back, leaning on your
back foot and just follow through. Pick a target, watch the target the whole time while
you pass, and you’ll hit your target every time.

13 thoughts on “How to Play Ice Hockey : Passing a Hockey Puck

  1. Thats wrong how you pass it…you shall not "finish" the pass by taking your stick all the way up…you shall use alot of power and then let go when you are half the way, or else the pass will be like a wrist shot.

  2. I'd like to be out there when he's watchin the target the whole time… especially passing like that fat boy. You wouldn't get up bud.

  3. watch the puck all the way, until you get your shit wrecked bc you were too busy watching the puck instead of the guy coming to hunt you down lol

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